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274 "o" books to be listed.

Books with Titles Starting with O
TitleAuthor (Surname,Forename)RatingVotes
 O Caçador de Brinquedos e Outras Histórias Barreiros, João913
 O Cipreste Apaixonado Macedo, António de63
 O Futuro à Janela Silva, Luís Filipe71
 O Greenest Branch! Baudino, Gael  
 O Limite de Rudzky Macedo, António de31
 O.T. 1 The Original Transformer Azzan, Louvenia101
 Oakleaf Bearers Flanagan, John924
 Oath Breaker Paver, Michelle  
 Oath of Fealty Moon, Elizabeth  
 Oath of Fealty Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerry  
 Oath of Gold Moon, Elizabeth911
 Oath of Nurell Cordell, Bruce R. & Lain, T. H.  
 Oath of Swords Weber, David816
 Oathblood Lackey, Mercedes74
 Oathbreaker Kyme, Nick  
 Oathbreakers Lackey, Mercedes78
 Oaths Hauman, Glenn  
 Oaths and Miracles Kress, Nancy  
 Obernewtyn Carmody, Isobelle929
 Oberon''s Meaty Mysteries: The Squirrel on the Train Hearne, Kevin  
 Objective: Bajor Peel, John  
 Oblivion Friedman, Michael Jan  
 Obsessed Dekker, Ted  
 Obsession Everlasting Phillips, Lisa  
 Obsidian Butterfly Hamilton, Laurell K.923
 Obsidian Ridge Lebow, Jess  
 Ocean of Years Allen, Roger MacBride91
 Ocean Under the Ice Forward, Robert L. & Dodson Forward, Martha  
 Oceans of Magic Greenberg, Martin H. & Thomsen, Brian A.  
 Oceanspace Steele, Allen M.  
 October 1st Is Too Late Fred, Hoyle  
 Octoberland Attanasio, A. A.  
 October's Baby Cook, Glen84
 Odalisque McIntosh, Fiona  
 Odd Hours Koontz, Dean  
 Odd Is on Our Side Koontz, Dean  
 Odd John Stapledon, Olaf  
 Odd Thomas Koontz, Dean82
 Oddkins Koontz, Dean86
 Odds and Gods Holt, Tom  
 Ode To Minoa Dintino, Theresa  
 Odyssey Moore, Vance93
 Odyssey McDevitt, Jack  
 Odyssey Laumer, Keith101
 Odyssey Bourne Force Renner, Debbie  
 Of Aged Angels Cook, Monte81
 Of Berserkers, Swords and Vampires Saberhagen, Fred  
 Of Fire and Night Anderson, Kevin J.  
 of flowers and shadows kirwan, anna & lasky, kathrin11
 Of Limited Loyalty Stackpole, Michael A.  
 Of Masques and Martyrs Golden, Christopher91
 Of Men and Monsters Tenn, William93
 Of Saints and Shadows Golden, Christopher91
 Of Swords and Spells Turner, Delia Marshall81
 Of Tangible Ghosts Modesitt Jnr., L.E.  
 Of This and Other Worlds Lewis, C.S.92
 Off Armageddon Reef Weber, David97
 Off the Screen Clough, Brenda  
 Off the Wall at Callahan's Robinson, Spider73
 Officer-Cadet Shelley, Rick73
 Offspring Harper, Steven  
 Ogre, Ogre Anthony, Piers911
 Oh Baby! Reisfeld, Randi  
 Old Ahab's Friend, and Friend to Noah, Speaks His Piece Bradbury, Ray  
 Old Guard Laumer, Keith  
 Old Magic Curley, Marianne99
 Old Man's War Scalzi, John88
 Old Nathan Drake, David  
 Old Soldiers Weber, David  
 Old Tin Sorrows Cook, Glen910
 Old Twentieth Haldeman, Joe  
 Old Wounds Golden, Christie  
 Olympiad Holt, Tom  
 Olympos Simmons, Dan93
 Ombria in Shadow McKillip, Patricia A.82
 Omega McDevitt, Jack71
 Omen Golden, Christie  
 Omnibus 1: At the Mountains of Madness Lovecraft, Howard Phillips95
 Omnibus 2: Dagon and Other Macabre Tales Lovecraft, Howard Phillips82
 Omnibus 3: The Haunter of the Dark Lovecraft, Howard Phillips92
 Omnitopia Dawn Duane, Diane  
 On Roberts, Adam86
 On A Darkling Plain Byers, Richard Lee92
 On a Move : The Story of Mumia Abu Jamal Bisson, Terry  
 On a Pale Horse Anthony, Piers816
 On Basilisk Station Weber, David919
 On Blue's Waters Wolfe, Gene97
 On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar Kurtz, Katherine  
 On Dragonwings McCaffrey, Anne  
 On Earth As It Is In Hell Hodge, Brian  
 On Fires Wings Golden, Christie82
 On Fortune's Wheel Voigt, Cynthia  
 On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service Duane, Diane41
 On My Way to Paradise Wolverton, Dave73
 On Pirates Powers, Tim & Blaylock, James P.  
 On Stranger Tides Powers, Tim99
 on the edge Duncan, Lois & , duncan  
 On the Edge Andrews, Ilona  
 On the Far Side of the Mountain George, Jean Craighead73
 On the Oceans of Eternity Stirling, S. M.92
 On the Run Golden, Christie  
 On the Seas of Destiny Emerson, Ru  
 On the Steel Breeze Reynolds, Alastair  
 On the Verge Green, Roland  
 On Writing King, Stephen  
 Onaj's Horn Whittemore, Jo  
 Once a Hero Moon, Elizabeth73
 Once a Hero Stackpole, Michael A.96
 Once A Thief Hauf, Michele91
 Once Bitten Price, Kalayna  
 Once Bitten, Twice Shy Rardin, Jennifer101
 Once Burned David, Peter  
 Once Dead, Twice Shy Harrison, Kim  
 Once Lost Beyer, Kirsten  
 Once there was a Giant Laumer, Keith  
 Once Upon a Crime Buckley, Michael72
 Once Upon A Curse Baker, E.D.921
 Once Upon a Galaxy with Martin Greenberg Helfers, John & McCarthy, Wil  
 Once Upon a Rhyme Heckel, Jack  
 Once Upon a Time in the East Fenn, Lionel  
 Once Upon a Time in the North Pullman, Philip  
 Once Upon a Winter's Night McKiernan, Dennis L.79
 Once Upon Stilettos Swendson, Shanna  
 Once Upona Galaxy Sherman, Josepha  
 Once Walked with Gods Barclay, James  
 One Williams, Conrad  
 One Day at Horrorland Stine, R. L.95
 One day on Mars Taylor, Travis S.  
 One Door Away from Heaven Koontz, Dean85
 One Foot in the Grave Simmons, William Mark & Simmons, Wm Mark81
 One Foot in the Grave Frost, Jeaniene81
 One For Sorrow Barzak, Christopher  
 One For Sorrow, Two For Joy Woodall, Clive74
 One For The Money Evanovich, Janet  
 One Good Knight Lackey, Mercedes82
 One In the Night Mitchell, J.R.  
 One Jump Ahead Van Name, Mark L.  
 One King, One Soldier Irvine, Alexander C.  
 One King's Way Harrison, Harry101
 One Knight Only David, Peter  
 One Million Tomorrows Shaw, Bob  
 One Mind's Eye Tyers, Kathy  
 One More Bite Rardin, Jennifer  
 One More for the Road Bradbury, Ray81
 One Never Knows . . . With a Banshee Bartlett, Denise  
 One never knows...with Dragons Bartlett, Denise  
 One of Our Thursdays Is Missing Fforde, Jasper  
 One of Us Smith, Michael Marshall96
 One Salt Sea McGuire, Seanan  
 One Second After Forstchen, William R.  
 One Shot Child, Lee  
 One Silent Night Kenyon, Sherrilyn  
 One Small Step Wright, Susan  
 One step from earth HARRISON, HARRY52
 One Thing or Your Mother Beyer, Kirsten  
 One Winter in Eden Bishop, Michael  
 One Wizard Place Paul, D. M.  
 One-Armed Queen Yolen, Jane  
 One-Eye Gordon, Stuart  
 One-Eyed Jacks Martin, George R.R.51
 Only an Alligator Aylett, Steve  
 Only Forward Smith, Michael Marshall910
 Only Human Holt, Tom  
 Only You Can Save Mankind Pratchett, Terry95
 Onslaught Sherman, David  
 Onslaught King, J. Robert101
 Onslaught Stackpole, Michael A.93
 Open Sesame Holt, Tom  
 Open Space Lalumiere, Claude73
 Opening Atlantis Turtledove, Harry  
 Operation Audacity Pardoe, Blaine Lee83
 Operation Chaos Anderson, Poul71
 Operation Excalibur Keith, Jr., William H.  
 Operation Luna Anderson, Poul  
 Operation Sierra-75 Gressman, Thomas S.  
 Operation: Eyewitness Wise, Rudd81
 Operation: Save the Innocent Ruggiero, Tony  
 Options Sheckley, Robert83
 Or Give Me Death: A Novel of Patrick Henry's Family Rinaldi, Ann  
 Oracle Resnick, Mike  
 Orb Sceptre Throne Esslemont, Ian Cameron  
 Orbital Burn Bedford, K. A.  
 Orbital Decay Steele, Allen M.82
 Orbitsville Shaw, Bob84
 Orbus Asher, Neal L.  
 Orca Brust, Steven78
 Orc's Opal Anthony, Piers83
 Order 66 Traviss, Karen  
 Ordermaster Modesitt Jnr., L.E.91
 Orfe Voigt, Cynthia  
 Origin Baxter, Stephen63
 Origin Brown, Dan  
 Origin Scroll Tuttle, Richard S.86
 Orion Bova, Ben93
 Orion among the Stars Bova, Ben65
 Orion and the Conqueror Bova, Ben11
 Orion Arm May, Julian72
 Orion in the Dying Time Bova, Ben  
 Orion's Hounds Bennett, Christopher L.  
 Orphan of Creation Allen, Roger MacBride  
 orphan puppy dale, jenny101
 Orphan Star Foster, Alan Dean93
 Orphanage Buettner, Robert73
 Orphans Boyett, Steven R.  
 Orphan's Alliance Buettner, Robert101
 Orphan's Destiny Buettner, Robert101
 Orphan's Journey Buettner, Robert101
 Orphans of Chaos Wright, John C.91
 Orphans of Earth Williams, Sean & Dix, Shane  
 Orphans of the Sky Heinlein, Robert A.71
 Orphan's Triumph Buettner, Robert101
 Oryx and Crake Atwood, Margaret94
 Other Dickson, Gordon R.  
 Other Days, Other Eyes Shaw, Bob  
 Other Lands WYLIE, JONATHAN  
 Otherness Brin, David81
 Others Herbert, James71
 Othersyde Straczynski, J. Michael  
 Otherwheres,Otherwhens: Favorite Stories of John D Dalmas, John  
 Otherworld Harbinson, W. A.101
 Our Children's Children Simak, Clifford D.61
 Our Friends from Frolix 8 Dick, Philip K.85
 Our Lady of the Harbor de Lint, Charles610
 Our World Is Earth Engdahl, Sylvia  
 Out of all them bright stars Kress, Nancy11
 Out of Phaze Anthony, Piers85
 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Aaron, Chester  
 Out of the Abyss Clough, Brenda  
 Out of the Ashes Morphurgo, Micheal91
 Out of the Cocoon Leisner, William  
 Out of the Dark Weber, David  
 Out of the Darkness Turtledove, Harry52
 Out of the Darkness David, Peter  
 Out of the House of Life Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn92
 Out Of The Madhouse Golden, Christopher & Holder, Nancy101
 Out Of The Silence Cox, Erle61
 Out of the Silent Planet Lewis, C.S.824
 Out of Their Minds Simak, Clifford D.  
 Out of This World Watt-Evans, Lawrence92
 Out of Time Cooney, Caroline B.101
 Out of Time Abbey, Lynn102
 Out of Time Ball, Cliff61
 Outbound McDevitt, Jack  
 Outbound Flight Zahn, Timothy86
 Outbreak Tine, Robert  
 Outcast Paver, Michelle83
 Outcast Ewing, Lynne102
 Outcast Allston, Aaron  
 Outcast Hunter, Erin10182
 Outcast of Redwall Jacques, Brian919
 Outcasts Emery, Clayton82
 Outland Foster, Alan Dean  
 Outlaw School Ore, Rebecca61
 Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa McGough, Scott83
 Outrageous Fortune Scott, Tim  
 Outreach Lichtenberg, Jacqueline  
 Outside In Snyder, Maria V.  
 Outside of Space Burns, Timothy  
 Outside the Dog Museum Carroll, Jonathan101
 Outsiders Holder, Nancy & Kilpatrick, Nancy  
 Outworlder Carter, Lin101
 Over a Torrent Sea Bennett, Christopher L.  
 Over Sea, Under Stone Cooper, Susan77
 Over the Hedge Gikow, Louise62
 Overtime Holt, Tom  
 Overwinter: A Werewolf Tale Wellington, David  
 owl in the office baglio, ben  
 Owlflight Lackey, Mercedes & Dixon, Larry77
 Owlknight Lackey, Mercedes & Dixon, Larry88
 Owls in the Family Mowat, Farley  
 Owlsight Lackey, Mercedes & Dixon, Larry76
 Ozma of Oz Baum, L. Frank71
 Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz Thompson, Ruth Plumly  

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