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Richard Lee Byers holds a Master's degree in Psychology. He worked in an emergency psychiatric facility for over a decade, then left the mental health field to become a writer. He is the author of more than fifteen books and many short fiction.

A resident of the Tampa Bay area, the setting for a substantial portion of his fiction, he spends much of his leisure time fencing foil, epee, and sabre, frequently competing in local tournaments.

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 Dark Kingdom VolumeYearRating
 The Ebon Mask1n/a10/10

 Forgotten Realms: Sembia Series VolumeYearRating
 The Shattered Mask32001n/a

 Forgotten Realms: The Haunted Lands VolumeYearRating

 Forgotten Realms: The Priests VolumeYearRating
 Queen of the Depthsn/a2005n/a

 Forgotten Realms: The Rogues VolumeYearRating
 The Black Bouquet22003n/a

 Forgotten Realms: The Year of Rogue Dragons VolumeYearRating
 The Rage120044/10
 The Rite22005n/a
 The Ruin3200610/10

 Forsaken: Dead God Trilogy VolumeYearRating
 Scarred Lands12002n/a

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Caravan of Shadowsn/an/an/a
 Dark Fortunen/an/an/a
 Fright Linen/an/an/a
 The Vampire's Apprenticen/an/an/a
 Dark Kingdomsn/a1998n/a
 The Tale of the Terrible Toysn/a1998n/a

 R.A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen VolumeYearRating

 The Nightmare Club VolumeYearRating
 Joy Ride1n/an/a
 Warlock Games3n/a10/10
 Party Till You Drop6n/an/a

 Vampire: The Eternal Struggle VolumeYearRating
 On A Darkling Plainn/a19989/10

 World of Darkness Vampire VolumeYearRating
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