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Of Fire and Night (The Saga of Seven Suns)
Series: The Saga of Seven Suns
Volume: 5
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0446577189
Pages: 544 pages
Publisher: Aspect
Price: $25.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Of Fire and Night by Kevin J. Anderson

Description: The alien Klikiss robots, pretending to be allies of humanity, have covertly planted an insidious Trojan Horse throughout the Earth Defense Forces. The sudden rebellion of Earths soldier robots leaves millions dead and the Terran Hanseatic League defenseless. In a desperate attempt to save his own race, the Ildiran Mage-Imperator, Jorah, is forced into a devils bargain with the evil hydrogues, requiring him to ambush and destroy what remains of the human race. But the gypsy Roamer clans and the green priests of the worldforest are discovering innovative ways to rebel, and have found strange allies with incomprehensible power. As the climactic battle begins, the Ildiran Solar Navy, the Earth Defense Forces, the Roamers, green priests, Klikiss robots, and hydrogue warglobes collide in a fury that will destroy manyand devastate the landscape of the Spiral Arm forever.

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