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One Day at Horrorland (Goosebumps Series)
Series: Goosebumps Series
Volume: 16
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 0439568412
Pages: 123 pages
Publisher: Scholastic
Price: $4.99
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 5
One Day at Horrorland by R. L. Stine

Description: The Morris family get lost trying to find Zoo Gardens Theme Park. But that's okay. They found another amusement park instead. It's called Horrorland.
In Horrorland there are no crowds. no lines. and the admission is free. It seems like a pretty cool place. But that was before the heart stopping ride on the deadly Doom Slide. And that terrifying experience in the House of Mirrors.
Because there's something weird about the rides in Horrorland.
Something a little too creppy.
A little too real...

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