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 Novel VolumeYearRating
 On My Way to Paradisen/a19897/10

 Path of the Hero VolumeYearRating
 Serpent Catch119918/10
 Path of the Hero2199310/10

 Star Wars VolumeYearRating
 The Courtship of Princess Leian/a19959/10

 Star Wars- Episode 1 Adventures VolumeYearRating
 The Ghostling Children52000n/a
 The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker62000n/a
 Capture Arawynne72000n/a
 Trouble on Tatooine82000n/a

 Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice VolumeYearRating
 The Rising Force119999/10
 The Rising Force119999/10

 Star Wars-Missions VolumeYearRating
 The Hunt for Han Solo51998n/a
 The Search for Grubba the Hutt619982/10
 Ithorian Invasion71998n/a
 Togorian Trap81998n/a
 Prisoner of the Nikto Pirates1319981/10
 The Monsters of Dween141998n/a
 Voyage to the Underworld151998n/a
 Imperial Jailbreak1619987/10

 The Golden Queen VolumeYearRating
 The Golden Queen1199410/10
 Beyond the Gate21995n/a
 Lords of the Seventh Swarm31997n/a
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