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410 "i" books to be listed.

Books with Titles Starting with I
TitleAuthor (Surname,Forename)RatingVotes
 I am A Barbarian Burroughs, Edgar Rice51
 I Am a Droid Cerasini, Marc82
 I Am Jade Falcon Thurston, Robert  
 I Am Lazarus Kavan, Anna  
 I Am Legend Matheson, Richard83
 I Am Mordred: A Tale of Camelot Springer, Nancy94
 I am Morgan le Fay Springer, Nancy97
 I Am Nature McDermott, J. M.  
 I Am Number Four Lore, Pittacus101
 I Am Rembrandt's Daughter Cullen, Lynn101
 I am the Cheese Cormier, Robert  
 I Am the Messenger Zusak, Markus85
 I Burn For You Sizemore, Susan  
 I Dare Miller, Steve & Lee, Sharon94
 I Is for Innocent Grafton, Sue  
 I Know What You Did Last Summer Duncan, Lois713
 I Know why the Caged Bird Sings Angelou, Maya  
 I now what you did last Wednesday Horowitz, Anthony  
 I Remember Pallahaxi Coney, Michael  
 I Remember the Future Burstein, Michael A.  
 I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus Browne, S. G.  
 I See By My Outfit Beagle, Peter S.81
 I Shall Wear Midnight Pratchett, Terry  
 I Sing the Body Electric Bradbury, Ray63
 i thurst fo you Sizemore, Susan  
 I Was a Rat! Pullman, Philip74
 I Was a Teenage Fairy Block, Francesca Lia81
 I was a Teenage TRex Ciencin, Scott  
 I Will Fear No Evil Heinlein, Robert A.66
 I, Jedi Stackpole, Michael A.912
 I, Q De Lancie, John & David, Peter61
 I, Robot Asimov, Isaac814
 I, Strahd Elrod, P. N.84
 I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin Elrod, P. N.  
 I, Vampire Romkey, Michael101
 I,AM Sanders, Deon C. & Sandz, Deno  
 I.D. Lerangis, Peter98
 Ibryen Taylor, Roger72
 Icarus Descending Hand, Elizabeth  
 Ice Kavan, Anna  
 Ice Cold Kaye, Marilyn75
 Ice Dragon Knaak, Richard A.87
 Ice Forged Martin, Gail Z.  
 Ice Mage Gray, Julia84
 Ice Song Kasai, Kirsten Imani101
 Ice Station Reilly, Matthew73
 Ice Trap Graf, L. A.82
 Iceberg Cussler, Clive91
 Icebones Baxter, Stephen  
 Icebound Koontz, Dean101
 Iced on Aran Lumley, Brian92
 Icefalcon's Quest Hambly, Barbara81
 Icefire D'lacey, Chris910
 Icehenge Robinson, Kim Stanley102
 Icerigger Foster, Alan Dean912
 Icy Nager Alton, Andrea101
 I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You Carter, Ally81
 Ideal War Kubasik, Christopher71
 Identical Hopkins, Ellen82
 Idlewild Sagan, Nick959
 Idoru Gibson, William84
 If at Faust You Don't Succeed Zelazny, Roger & Sheckley, Robert84
 If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor Campbell, Bruce  
 If I Pay Thee Not In Gold Lackey, Mercedes & Anthony, Piers62
 If Whispers Call Bassingthwaite, Don101
 If Wishes Were Horses McCaffrey, Anne101
 Igniting the Reaches Drake, David82
 Igraine the Brave Funke, Cornelia  
 Ilario: The Lions' Eye Gentle, Mary  
 Ilium Simmons, Dan86
 I'll Be Watching You de Lint, Charles  
 Ill Met by Moonlight Hoyt, Sarah  
 Ill Met in the Arena Duncan, Dave  
 Ill Wind Caine, Rachel82
 Illegal Alien Sawyer, Robert J.93
 Illusion Volsky, Paula99
 Illusions of Victory Coleman, Loren L.  
 Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ruin Mist Stanek, Robert91
 Ilse Witch Brooks, Terry819
 I'm Afraid You've Got Dragons Beagle, Peter S.  
 I'm Working On That Shatner, William & Walter, Chip  
 Image Odom, Mel61
 Image Scott, Michael  
 Imager Modesitt Jnr., L.E.  
 Imager's Battalion Modesitt Jnr., L.E.  
 Imager's Challenge Modesitt Jnr., L.E.  
 Imaginary Friends Marco, John & Greenberg, Martin H.92
 Imajica: The Fifth Dominion Barker, Clive82
 Imbalance Mitchell, V.E.  
 Imminent Crisis Bills, Randall N.101
 Immodest Proposals Tenn, William  
 Immolation Qualls, Loren L.  
 Immortal Golden, Christopher & Holder, Nancy81
 Immortal Ward, J. R.  
 Immortal Coil Lang, Jeffrey  
 Immortal Game Niles, Douglas62
 Immortal in Shadow Vucak, Stefan  
 Immortal Sins Ashley, Amanda  
 Immortalis Salvatore, R.A.83
 Immortality Inc. Sheckley, Robert93
 Immortality Machine Kieniewicz, Paul51
 Immune Phillips, Richard  
 Imp Scott, Michael  
 Impact Preston, Douglas  
 Impakto Calder, Richard  
 Imperial Bounty Dietz, William C.  
 Imperial Earth Clarke, Arthur C.82
 Imperial Jailbreak Wolverton, Dave71
 Imperial Moon Bulis, Christopher  
 Imperium Olivo, Nicholas  
 Impetus of War Pardoe, Blaine Lee  
 Impossibilia Smith, Douglas  
 Impossible Odds Duncan, Dave101
 Impossible Places Foster, Alan Dean81
 Impossible Things Willis, Connie83
 Imposter Freireich, Valerie J.71
 Impulse Hopkins, Ellen93
 Imzadi David, Peter87
 Imzadi Forever David, Peter  
 Imzadi II : Triangle David, Peter63
 In a Time of Treason Keck, David  
 In An Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk Ackley-McPhail, Danielle  
 In Ashes Lie Brennan, Marie  
 In Conquest Born Friedman, C. S.95
 In Darkness We Play Irwin, E. A.  
 In Death Ground Weber, David & White, Steve99
 In Deep Knight, Damon  
 In Enemy Hands Weber, David99
 In Fire Forged Weber, David31
 In Fluid Silence Tirpa, G. W.  
 In For A Penny Blaylock, James P.82
 In Fury Born Weber, David  
 In Great Waters Whitfield, Kit  
 In Green's Jungles Wolfe, Gene88
 In High Places Turtledove, Harry  
 In Hollow Houses Braunbeck, Gary A.  
 In Legend Born Resnick, Laura910
 In Odd We Trust Koontz, Dean & Chance, Queenie  
 In Other Worlds Attanasio, A. A.  
 In Our Hands the Stars Harrison, Harry61
 In Search of Mom David, Peter  
 In Silent Graves Braunbeck, Gary A.  
 In Stone's Clasp Golden, Christie  
 In Sylvan Shadows Salvatore, R.A.87
 In the Balance Turtledove, Harry85
 In the Beginning...was the Command Line Stephenson, Neal61
 In the Blood Phoenix, Adrian  
 In the Caves of Exile Emerson, Ru  
 In the Cities of Coin and Spice Valente, Catherynne  
 In the Claws of the Tiger Wyatt, James  
 In the Company of Ogres Martinez, A. Lee  
 In the Company of Others Czerneda, Julie84
 In the Company of Vampires MacAlister, Katie  
 In the Country of the Blind Flynn, Michael93
 In The Earth Abides The Flame Kirkpatrick, Russell101
 In the Empire of Shadow Watt-Evans, Lawrence82
 In the Empire's Service Stackpole, Michael A.  
 In the Eye of Heaven Keck, David  
 In the Forests of Serre McKillip, Patricia A.92
 In the Forests of the Night Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia8114
 In the Garden of Iden Baker, Kage93
 In the Green Star's Glow Carter, Lin  
 In the Hall of the Dragon King Lawhead, Stephen87
 In the Hall of the Martian King Barnes, John  
 In the Hand of the Goddess Pierce, Tamora8111
 In The Heart of Darkness Flint, Eric & Drake, David910
 In the House of Secret Enemies CHESBRO, GEORGE C.  
 In the King's Service Kurtz, Katherine  
 In the Moons of Borea Lumley, Brian62
 In the Name of Honor Ward, Dayton101
 In the Net of Dreams Simmons, William Mark  
 In the Night Room Straub, Peter72
 In The Ocean Of The Night Benford, Gregory101
 In The Palace Of Repose Phillips, Holly  
 In the Presence of Mine Enemies Turtledove, Harry63
 In the Red Lord's Reach Eisenstein, Phyllis  
 In the Rift Lisle, Holly & Bradley, Marion Zimmer71
 In the Ruins Elliot, Kate76
 In the Service of Dragons Stanek, Robert996
 In the Service of Dragons II Stanek, Robert972
 In the Service of Dragons III Stanek, Robert913
 In the Service of Dragons IV Stanek, Robert910
 In the Service of Samurai Oliver, Gloria  
 In the Shadow of Death Vucak, Stefan  
 In the Shadow of Swords Gunn, Val  
 In the Stormy Red Sky Drake, David  
 In the Tall Grass King, Stephen & Hill, Joe  
 In the Time of Dinosaurs Applegate, K.A.71
 In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories Bisson, Terry91
 In Vino Spiritas Smith, Kate  
 In Viriconium Harrison, M. John101
 In War Times Goonan, Kathleen Ann  
 In Winter's Shadow Bradshaw, Gillian83
 In Your Dreams Holt, Tom  
 Inca Gold Cussler, Clive72
 Incantation Hoffman, Alice  
 Inception Harbinson, W. A.101
 Inception Perry, S. D.  
 Incident at Arbuk Betancourt, John Gregory  
 Incompetence Grant, Rob73
 Incredible Animal Adventures George, Jean Craighead91
 Incubus Dreams Hamilton, Laurell K.67
 Incurable Marsden, John91
 Inda Smith, Sherwood81
 Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead Perry, Steve11
 Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge MacGregor, Robert  
 Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth McCoy, Max71
 Indiana Jones and the Interior World MacGregor, Robert  
 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Rollins, James  
 Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi MacGregor, Robert  
 Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone McCoy, Max  
 Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils MacGregor, Robert  
 Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates Caidin, Martin  
 Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy MacGregor, Robert  
 Indiana Jones and the White Witch Caidin, Martin  
 Indigo Joyce, Graham  
 Indigo Springs Dellamonica, A. M.  
 Indomitable Brooks, Terry  
 Industrial Magic Armstrong, Kelley97
 Infanta Cooper, Louise73
 Infernal Desire Machines of Dr Hoffman Carter, Angela91
 Infernal Devices Reeve, Philip  
 Inferno Brown, Dan71
 Inferno Carey, Mike  
 Inferno Reeves-Stevens, Judith & Reeves-Stevens, Garfield  
 Inferno Denning, Troy  
 Inferno Resnick, Mike  
 Inferno Cooper, Louise84
 Infidel--Graphic Novel: The Lost Books Series Dekker, Ted  
 Infiltrator Thompson, W. R.71
 Infinity Beach McDevitt, Jack62
 Infinity Engine Asher, Neal L.  
 Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Kenyon, Sherrilyn  
 Infinity's Shore Brin, David84
 Infinity's Web Finch, Sheila  
 Influx Suarez, Daniel81
 Infoquake Edelman, David Louis92
 Ingo Dunmore, Helen71
 Inherit the Stars Hogan, James P.94
 Inheritance Paolini, Christopher99
 Inheritance Brown, Simon101
 Inheritor Cherryh, C.J.83
 Initial Vector Rucka, Greg  
 Initiation of War Charrette, Robert N.72
 Ink Duncan, Hal  
 Ink and Steel: A Novel of the Promethean Age Bear, Elizabeth  
 Ink Exchange Marr, Melissa91
 Inkdeath Funke, Cornelia940
 Inkheart Funke, Cornelia942
 Inkspell Funke, Cornelia926
 Inner Space Elliott, Nathan41
 Innocence Lost Miller, Karen  
 Inquisition Audley, Anselm78
 Inquisitor Ascendant I Abnett, Dan  
 Insanity, Illinois Sumner, Mark11
 Inside Out Snyder, Maria V.  
 Inside Straight Martin, George R.R.  
 Insomnia King, Stephen94
 Installing Linux on a Dead Badger Snyder, Lucy  
 Instead of Three Wishes Turner, Megan Whalen101
 Instrument of Fate Golden, Christie  
 Insurgent Roth, Veronica  
 Insurrection Reid, Thomas M.  
 Insurrection Vornholt, John  
 Insurrection Weber, David & White, Steve93
 Intellivore Duane, Diane  
 Intensity Koontz, Dean102
 Interesting Times Pratchett, Terry911
 Interface Bury, Stephen  
 Interface Masque Lewitt, Shariann  
 Interlopers Foster, Alan Dean62
 Intermittent Fasting: Yes To Cravings! Lose Weight Beach, Sebastian  
 Interstellar Patrol Anvil, Christopher  
 Interstellar Patrol II: The Federation of Humanity Anvil, Christopher  
 Interstellar Pig Sleator, William  
 Intervention May, Julian910
 Interview with the Vampire Rice, Anne930
 InterWorld Gaiman, Neil & Reaves, Michael  
 Into a Dangerous Mind Gerow, Tina101
 Into a Dark Realm Feist, Raymond E.93
 Into Battle Nix, Garth914
 Into Narsindal Taylor, Roger83
 Into the blue Baglio, Ben71
 Into the Cold Fire Ewing, Lynne912
 Into the Dark Lands West, Michelle & Sagara, Michelle  
 Into the Darkness Turtledove, Harry83
 Into the Darkness McCarthy, Kevin & Silva, David  
 Into the Dreaming Moning, Karen Marie  
 Into the Fire McKiernan, Dennis L.99
 Into the Forge McKiernan, Dennis L.915
 Into the Green de Lint, Charles81
 Into the Hinterlands Drake, David & Lambshead, John  
 Into the Labyrinth Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy910
 Into the Land of the Unicorns Coville, Bruce  
 Into the Looking Glass Ringo, John101
 Into the Maelstrom Drake, David & Lambshead, John31
 Into the Maelstrom Coleman, Loren L.  
 Into The Mist Carman, Patrick  
 Into the Nebula DeWeese, Gene  
 Into the Nightside Green, Simon R.  
 Into the Out of Foster, Alan Dean96
 Into the Shadows Authors, Various82
 Into the Stone Land Stanek, Robert85
 Into the Storm Anderson, Taylor  
 Into the Thinking Kingdoms Foster, Alan Dean  
 Into the Void Findley, Nigel51
 Into the Void David, Peter  
 Into the Void Lebbon, Tim  
 Into the Wild Hunter, Erin9474
 Into the Woods Harrison, Kim  
 Into the Woods Hunter, Erin926
 Intrepid Shepherd, Mike  
 Intrigues: A Novel of Valdemar Lackey, Mercedes  
 Introducing Garrett, P.I. Cook, Glen  
 Introduction to the Best of Jo Haldeman, Joe  
 Intrusion MacLeod, Ken  
 Inuyasha, Volume 1 Takashi, Rumiko85
 Inuyasha, Volume 14 Takashi, Rumiko83
 Inuyasha, Volume 15 Takashi, Rumiko  
 Inuyasha, Volume 17 Takashi, Rumiko101
 Inuyasha, Volume 18 Takashi, Rumiko  
 Inuyasha, Volume 2 Takashi, Rumiko81
 Inuyasha, Volume 21 Takashi, Rumiko  
 Inuyasha, Volume 24 Takashi, Rumiko103
 Inuyasha, Volume 25 Takashi, Rumiko103
 Inuyasha, Volume 26 Takashi, Rumiko  
 Inuyasha, Volume 28 Takashi, Rumiko  
 Inuyasha, Volume 29 Takashi, Rumiko  
 Inuyasha, Volume 32 Takashi, Rumiko101
 Invader Cherryh, C.J.92
 Invaders Lumley, Brian73
 Invaders From The Infinite Campbell, John W.  
 Invasion King, J. Robert84
 Invasion #1: First Strike Carey, Diane  
 Invasion #2: The Soldiers Of Fear Rusch, Kristine Kathryn & Smith, Dean Wesley  
 Invasion #3: Time's Enemy Graf, L. A.  
 Invasion #4: The Final Fury Hugh, Dafydd ab  
 Invasion America Golden, Christie91
 Invasions Holder, Nancy  
 Inventing Memory Harris, Anne  
 Inversions Banks, Iain M.89
 Invincible Denning, Troy  
 Invincible Campbell, Jack  
 Invoking Darkness Cavelos, Jeanne  
 i-o Logan, Simon93
 Iorich Brust, Steven  
 Ira Foxglove McMahon, Thomas81
 Iris Barton, William & Copobianco, Michael11
 Irish Folk & Fairy Tales Omnibus Scott, Michael  
 Irish Ghosts & Hauntings Scott, Michael  
 Irish Myths and Legends Scott, Michael  
 Iron Angel Campbell, Alan101
 Iron Council Mieville, China86
 Iron Crowned Mead, Richelle  
 Iron Dawn Stover, Matthew Woodring82
 Iron Gold Brown, Pierce  
 Iron Kissed Briggs, Patricia101
 Iron Man 2 Irvine, Alexander C.  
 Iron Man: Femmes Fatales Greenberger, Bob  
 Iron Master Tilley, Patrick92
 Iron Mosaic Cobley, Michael  
 Iron Sunrise Stross, Charles  
 Iron Throne Hawke, Simon101
 Ironbrand Morressy, John  
 Ironcrown Moon May, Julian  
 Ironhand's Daughter Gemmell, David62
 Irons in the Fire McKenna, Juliet E.  
 Ironside: A modern Faery's Tale Black, Holly101
 Irresistible Forces Asaro, Catherine  
 Is (also titled 'Is Underground') Aiken, Joan  
 Is That What People Do?: The Selected Short Stories of Robert Sheckley Sheckley, Robert  
 Is This Apocalypse Necessary? Brittain, C. Dale  
 Isaac Asimov's Caliban Allen, Roger MacBride  
 Isaac Asimov's Inferno Allen, Roger MacBride  
 Isaac Asimov's Robots and Aliens 1 Leigh, Stephen & Scotten, Cordell  
 Isaac Asimov's Utopia Allen, Roger MacBride  
 Isard's Revenge Stackpole, Michael A.87
 Ishmael Hambly, Barbara81
 Island Lerangis, Peter99
 Island in the Sea of Time Stirling, S. M.97
 Island of Darkness Tuttle, Richard S.82
 Island of Power Smith, Dean Wesley  
 Island of the Aunts Ibbotson, Eva67
 Island of the Blue Dolphins O'Dell, Scott95
 Island of the Sequined Love Nun Moore, Christopher  
 Islandia Wright, Austin Tappan84
 Islands in the Net Sterling, Bruce  
 Islands in the Sky Lee, Tanith  
 Islands Of Space Campbell, John W.64
 Isle of the Dead Rodda, Emily103
 Isle of the Dead Rodda, Emily83
 Isle of the Dead Zelazny, Roger93
 Isle of the Dead Gray, Julia82
 Isle of View Anthony, Piers85
 Isle of Woman Anthony, Piers71
 Isolde: Queen of the Western Isle Miles, Rosalind  
 Issola Brust, Steven818
 It King, Stephen89
 It Came from the Cafeteria Lerangis, Peter101
 It Was in the Cards Fiore, Angeline  
 Iterations Sawyer, Robert J.101
 Ithanalin's Restoration Watt-Evans, Lawrence76
 Ithorian Invasion Wolverton, Dave  
 Its a Dog-Eat-Dog World Balban, Bob101
 Its a dogs life Balban, Bob82
 It's A Magical World Watterson, Bill101
 IT'S A MALL WORLD AFTER ALL Janette, Rallison  
 Ivory Resnick, Mike  

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