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Other (Dorsai/Chylde Cycle)
Series: Dorsai/Chylde Cycle
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0812515994
Pages: 576 pages
Publisher: TOR
Reader Rating: Not rated
Other by Gordon R. Dickson

Description: Dickson returns to his monumental Childe Cycle, begun in 1957, with a sequel to Young Bleys (1991). Bleys Ahrens continues to pursue his destiny of providing an alternative to Hal Mayne's approach to uniting the diverse strains of humanity-Exotics (intellectuals), Friendlies (the faithful), and Dorsai (warriors). Assisted by his half-brother Dahno, Bleys must pit his insights and skills against the government of New Earth (which can hire 50,000 mercenaries without counting the change) as well as more personal problems, such as his relationship with his martial arts instructor, a lovely amazon. This is not the ideal place to begin exploring Dickson's vast saga of human evolution, but Dickson is one of the quiet giants of sf, and working in his chosen territory, he has again produced a superbly crafted, rewarding book.

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