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Tactics of Mistake (Dorsai/Chylde Cycle)
Series: Dorsai/Chylde Cycle
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0812545311
Pages: 288 pages
Publisher: TOR
Reader Rating: Not rated
Tactics of Mistake by Gordon R. Dickson

Description: Humanity has begun to splinter into several groups, most notably the Exotics, the Friendlys, and the warrior Dorsai. Into this walks Cletus - a slightly crippled military scholar who is writing a series of books on tactics and strategy and decides to prove just how right he can be. What follows a series of battles where Cletus wins easily due to his better powers of manipulation and strategy, although in every instance nobody seems ready to believe things are the way he says they are. Eventually he takes on the task of remolding the Dorsai into a more efficient fighting force, setting the stage for more fun stuff to come.

Also in this series are Antagonist, Dorsai, Lost Dorsai, Necromancer, Other, Soldier, Ask Not!, The Chantry Guild, The Dorsai Companion, The Final Encyclopedia, The Spirit of Dorsai, Young Bleys Return to the Gordon R. Dickson page.

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