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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 King of the Cloud Forestsn/a1996n/a
 My Friend Waltern/a1997n/a
 The Ghost of Grania O'Malleyn/a19979/10
 War Horsen/a1997n/a
 Dear Ollyn/a19999/10
 Kenske's Kingdomn/a1999n/a
 The Butterfly Lionn/a19998/10
 Why the Whales Camen/a19999/10
 From Hereabout Hilln/a2000n/a
 Robin of Sheerwoodn/a2000n/a
 Twist of Goldn/a2000n/a
 The Last Wolfn/a2001n/a
 Adolphus Tipsn/a2005n/a
 Billy the Kidn/a200510/10
 Little Foxesn/a2005n/a
 Out of the Ashesn/a20059/10
 Private Peacefuln/a20058/10
 The Nine Lives of Montezuman/a2005n/a
 The Sleeping Swrodn/a2005n/a
 The War of Jenkin's Earn/a2005n/a
 The White Horse of Zennorn/a2005n/a
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