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I was born in New York, in 1960. I spent much of my childhood in a small town in New Jersey, about 10 miles from Philadelphia. I was the only boy in a family with three sisters. Since my parents wouldn't give me a brother, I thought I'd settle for a dog. Mom and Dad took a lot of persuading, but finally my parents agreed to get me a black puppy called Nero. I thought I'd be able to train him to be an amazing rescue dog, but all I could ever get Nero to do was sit, speak, and give me his paw! No search and retrieval, no discovering buried treasure or even leaping his way around an obstacle course — although he was very good at making food disappear quickly. I loved him, whatever he did.

I spent a lot of my childhood reading; I'd read anything from cereal boxes to Charles Dickens. English was always my favorite subject, and when I graduated from high school I decided to study English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. As part of my coursework, I was lucky enough to spend a year in Edinburgh, Scotland, and I really enjoyed living in Great Britain.

After graduation, I started to work as a children's book editor in New York City. I edited all kinds of books — sports stories, mysteries, teen romances, and even a series called Sweet Valley High, which was a big success. Five years later, a job at publishing house in England became available and next thing I knew I was living in Great Britain again!

I continued to edit children's books for a few more years, and then decided to try and develop a book series of my own — but I wasn't sure what I wanted it to be about. I had always loved animals — dogs, cats, horses, everything — and by then I had kittens of my own, two Russian Blues called Benjamin and Peter. One day a friend of mine asked where they were, and I said 'in the kitchen.' Suddenly an idea had occurred to

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 Animal Ark VolumeYearRating
 Deer in the Darkn/a200510/10
 Kittens in the Kitchen120059/10
 Pony on the Porch220059/10
 puppys in the pantry320058/10
 goat in the garden420059/10
 hedgehogs in the hall5200510/10
 badger in the basement619988/10
 sheepdog in the snow7200510/10
 cub in the cupboard8200510/10
 piglet in a playpen9200510/10
 ponies at the point10200510/10
 owl in the office112005n/a
 lamb in the laundry1220058/10
 kitten in the cold1320058/10
 goose on the loose1420007/10
 bunnies in the bathroom1520058/10
 hamster in a handbasket162000n/a
 squirrels in the school172005n/a
 fox in the frost1820059/10
 guinea pig in the garage192005n/a
 shetland in the shed202005n/a
 raccoons on the roof2120011/10
 dolphin in the deep222005n/a
 bears in the barn232005n/a
 foals in the field2420059/10
 dog at the door2520058/10
 puppy in a puddle282005n/a
 tabby in the tub292005n/a
 pup at the palace302005n/a
 mare in the medow312003n/a
 cats at the campground322005n/a
 hound at the hospital332005n/a
 terrier in the tinsel3420049/10
 husky in a hut36200510/10
 labrador on the lawn382005n/a

 animal ark hauntings VolumeYearRating
 hound on the heathn/a20039/10
 stallion in the storm12005n/a
 Cat In A Crypt220028/10
 dog in the doungeon32005n/a
 colt in the cave42005n/a
 foal in the fog52005n/a
 wolf at the window72005n/a
 horse in the house26200510/10
 pony in a package272005n/a
 hamster in the holly352005n/a
 Polar Bears On The Path372005n/a

 animal ark pets VolumeYearRating
 puppy puzzle12005n/a
 rabbit race31996n/a
 mouse magic52005n/a
 ducking diary102000n/a

 animal ark special VolumeYearRating
 the kitten that won 1st prize&other animal stories12005n/a

 Dolphin Diaries VolumeYearRating
 Into the blue120007/10
 Touching the waves220007/10
 Riding the storm32000n/a
 Under the stars420007/10
 Chasing the dream520019/10
 Racing the Wind620019/10
 Following the Rainbow720019/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Bunny in a Basket with Baglio n/a2008n/a
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