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Gael Baudino grew up in Los Angeles, and currently resides in Denver (the setting of two of her novels). She is a minister of Dianic Wicca and a professional harper, teaching, performing, and recording in the Denver area. She has published eleven novels, including the Lambda Award-winning Gossamer Axe, and a collection of novellas (Spires of Spirit). She lives with her lover, Mirya.

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 Strands VolumeYearRating
 Strands of Starlight1200310/10
 Gossamer Axe220038/10
 Maze of Moonlight3200310/10
 Shroud of Shadow4200310/10
 Strands of Sunlight5200310/10
 Spires of Spirit6200310/10

 The Dragonsword Trilogy VolumeYearRating
 Duel of Dragons2199110/10
 Dragon Death3200310/10

 Water! VolumeYearRating
 O Greenest Branch!12003n/a
 The Dove Looked In22003n/a
 Branch and Crown32003n/a
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