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Books with Titles Starting with P
TitleAuthor (Surname,Forename)RatingVotes
 P.O.W. Anthony, James  
 Pacific Edge Robinson, Kim Stanley72
 Pacific Vortex Cussler, Clive82
 Pack of Lies Gilman, Laura Anne  
 Packing Fraction and Other Tales of Science and Imagination Czerneda, Julie  
 Pagan Moon Warrington, Freda96
 Page Pierce, Tamora948
 Pages of Pain Denning, Troy91
 Paid In Blood Odom, Mel  
 Paint Your Dragon Holt, Tom101
 Palace Kerr, Katharine & Kreighbaum, Mark96
 Palace Of Kings Jefferies, Mike92
 Palace of the Red Sun Bulis, Christopher21
 Paladin of Souls Bujold, Lois McMaster96
 Pale Demon Harrison, Kim  
 Pale Rider Foster, Alan Dean  
 Paleo Navarro, Yvonne21
 Palimpsest Valente, Catherynne  
 Palm Sunday Vonnegut, Kurt  
 Pandemonium Oliver, Lauren  
 Pandemonium Gregory, Daryl  
 Pandora Rice, Anne89
 Pandora of Athens Denenberg, Barry  
 Pandora's Genes Lance, Kathryn  
 Pandora's Jar Cooke, James  
 Pandora's Legions Anvil, Christopher  
 Pandora's Star Hamilton, Peter F.919
 Panglor Carver, Jeffrey A.  
 Pangur Ban the White Cat Sampson, Fay  
 Pantheon Friedman, Michael Jan  
 Pantheon of the Dead Rosenberg, Jon21
 Papa Simmons, Jacqualyn  
 Paper Towns Green, John  
 Paperjack de Lint, Charles  
 Paperquake: A Puzzle Reiss, Kathryn  
 Parable of the Sower Butler, Octavia E.93
 Parable of the Talents Butler, Octavia Estelle83
 Paradise Brenchley, Chaz  
 Paradise Resnick, Mike  
 Paradise Tales: and Other Stories Ryman, Geoff  
 Paradox Meaney, John101
 Paragon Lost Duncan, Dave  
 Paragon Walk Perry, Anne  
 Parallax View Brooke, Keith  
 Parallelities Foster, Alan Dean51
 Parasite Grant, Mira  
 Paraworld Zero Peterson, Matthew913
 Pariah Griffin, P. M.  
 Parsifal's Page Morris, Gerald614
 Parsival or a Knight's Tale Monaco, Richard101
 Partners Sizemore, Susan  
 Partners in Necessity Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve86
 Partnership McCaffrey, Anne & Ball, Margaret82
 Party Till You Drop Byers, Richard Lee  
 Pashazade Grimwood, Jon Courtenay92
 Pasquale's Angel Mcauley, Paul J.  
 Passage Willis, Connie95
 Passage Bujold, Lois McMaster  
 Passage at Arms Cook, Glen86
 Passage to Dawn Salvatore, R.A.910
 Passager Yolen, Jane  
 Passing the Narrows Tuttle, Frank  
 passion Kate, Lauren  
 Passion Play Bernobich, Beth  
 Passion Play Stewart, Sean  
 Past Imperative Duncan, Dave77
 Past Life Greenberger, Bob  
 Past Master Lafferty, R. A.  
 Past Prologue Graf, L. A.  
 Past Tense Child, Lee  
 Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus Card, Orson Scott810
 Path of Blood Francis, Diana Pharaoh  
 Path of Destruction: A Novel of the Old Republic Karpyshyn, Drew63
 Path of Fate Francis, Diana Pharaoh91
 Path of Glory Bills, Randall N.66
 Path of Glory Funk, Bret M.72
 Path of Honor Francis, Diana Pharaoh  
 Path of Revenge Kirkpatrick, Russell  
 Path of the Fury Weber, David912
 Path of the Hero Wolverton, Dave101
 Path to Truth Watson, Jude84
 Pathfinder Card, Orson Scott  
 Paths Not Taken Green, Simon R.81
 Paths of Darkness Collector's Edition Salvatore, R.A.75
 Paths of Disharmony Ward, Dayton  
 Paths of the Parambulator Foster, Alan Dean83
 Pathways Taylor, Jeri  
 Patriarch's Hope Feintuch, David92
 Patrimony Foster, Alan Dean71
 Patriots Drake, David62
 Patriots and Tyrants Coleman, Loren L.  
 Patriots in Arms Weaver, Ben  
 Patriot's Stand Moscoe, Mike  
 Pattern Parker, K. J.95
 Pattern Recognition Gibson, William83
 Patternmaster Butler, Octavia Estelle83
 Patterns of Chaos Ingrid, Charles  
 Patterns of Force Reaves, Michael31
 Paul of Dune Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J.  
 Pavane Roberts, Keith95
 Pawn of Prophecy Eddings, David973
 Pawn to Infinity Saberhagen, Fred & Saberhagen, Joan91
 Pawn: A Chronicle of the Sibyl''s War Zahn, Timothy  
 Pawn: A Chronicle of the Sibyl''s War Zahn, Timothy  
 Pawn: A Chronicle of the Sibyl''s War Zahn, Timothy  
 Pawn: A Chronicle of the Sibyl''s War Zahn, Timothy  
 Pawn: A Chronicle of the Sibyl''s War Zahn, Timothy  
 Pawn: A Chronicle of the Sibyl''s War Zahn, Timothy101
 Pawns and Symbols Larson, Majiliss  
 Pawn's Dream Nylund, Eric S.98
 Pay the Piper: A Rock and Roll Fairy Tale Yolen, Jane & Stemple, Adam71
 Paying the Piper Drake, David42
 Payoff Hughes, Alex  
 Peace Wolfe, Gene86
 Peace And Memory Tiedemann, Mark W.101
 Peace Talks Butcher, Jim  
 Peacemaker Swallow, James  
 PeaceMaker Ronco, Dan  
 Pearl in the Mist Andrews, Virginia Cleo  
 Pebble In the Sky Asimov, Isaac86
 Peeps Westerfeld, Scott86
 Pegasus in Flight McCaffrey, Anne912
 Pegasus in Space McCaffrey, Anne813
 Pellucidar Burroughs, Edgar Rice91
 Pendragon Lawhead, Stephen66
 Penny Serenade Cory, Ann  
 Penumbra Arthur, Keri  
 People Next Door Ransom, Christopher  
 People of Sparks Duprau, Jeanne101
 People of the Deer Mowat, Farley  
 People of the Sky Bell, Clare  
 Perchance to Dream Weinstein, Howard  
 Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Ultimate Guide Knight, Mary-Jane  
 Perdido Street Station Mieville, China870
 Perelandra Lewis, C.S.914
 Perfect Chemistry Elkeles, Simone101
 Perfect Circle Cortes, Carlos J  
 Perfect Circle Stewart, Sean  
 Perfect Girls Kaye, Marilyn83
 perfect puppy dale, jenny  
 Perfect State Sanderson, Brandon  
 Perfect Trust Sellars, M. R.  
 Perilous Seas Duncan, Dave73
 Perimeter Reizer, John101
 Permanence Schroeder, Karl81
 Permutation City Egan, Greg92
 Perseus Spur May, Julian73
 Persistence of Memory Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia  
 Personal Child, Lee  
 Personal Demon Armstrong, Kelley  
 Personal Demons Kane, Stacia  
 Persuader Child, Lee  
 Pet Peeve Anthony, Piers101
 Pet Sematary King, Stephen93
 Petals on the Wind Andrews, Virginia Cleo810
 Peter and the Secret of Rundoon Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley  
 Peter and the Shadow Thieves Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley  
 Peter and the Starcatchers Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley101
 Peter and the Sword of Mercy Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley  
 Peter Graves Du Bois, William Pene  
 Peter Pan Barrie, J. M.101
 Peter Raven Under Fire Molloy, Michael101
 Petty Pewter Gods Cook, Glen89
 Phantasmagoria Carroll, Lewis  
 Phantasmagoric Kaleidoscope Lozon, Scott106
 Phantom Goodkind, Terry86
 Phantom Planet Hill, Douglas  
 Phantoms Koontz, Dean84
 Pharoh's Daughter Lester, Julius101
 Phase Space Baxter, Stephen  
 Phaze Doubt Anthony, Piers77
 Phobos Alten, Steve  
 Phoenix Harbinson, W. A.101
 Phoenix Brust, Steven99
 Phoenix and Ashes Lackey, Mercedes63
 Phoenix Ashes Carter, Aimee101
 Phoenix in Obsidian Moorcock, Michael  
 Phoenix in the Ashes Vinge, Joan D.  
 Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel Morris, Tee & Ballantine, Pip91
 Phthor Anthony, Piers22
 Phule Me Twice Asprin, Robert & Heck, Peter J.82
 Phule's Company Asprin, Robert98
 Phules Company 3 Asprin, Robert  
 Phule's Errand Asprin, Robert  
 Phule's Paradise Asprin, Robert102
 Phylogenesis Foster, Alan Dean82
 Physik Sage, Angie88
 Phytosphere Mackay, Scott  
 Picture Perfect Dokey, Cameron  
 Pictures from an Expedition Irvine, Alexander C.  
 Pictures in the Dark Cross, Gillian  
 Pie Magic Forward, Toby74
 Piece of Mind Carry, Beverly91
 Pieces of Puzzle Stanek, Robert101
 piglet in a playpen baglio, ben101
 Pigs Don't Fly Brown, Mary84
 Pilgrim Saberhagen, Fred  
 Pilgrim Douglass, Sara85
 Pilgrimage to Earth Sheckley, Robert83
 Pillage Skye, Obert96
 Pillar of Fire Tarr, Judith  
 Pillar of Fire and Other Plays Bradbury, Ray53
 Pilot's Choice Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve91
 Pines Crouch, Blake  
 Pirate Resnick, Mike  
 Pirate Freedom Wolfe, Gene  
 Pirate Latitudes Crichton, Michael  
 Pirate Prince Michaels, Melisa83
 Pirate Queen Llywelyn, Morgan  
 Pirates from Beyond the Sea Windham, Ryder  
 Pirates of the Carribbean Dead Man's Chest Trimble, Irene91
 Pirates of the Thunder Chalker, Jack L.  
 Pirates of the Universe Bisson, Terry31
 Pirates of Venus Burroughs, Edgar Rice91
 Pirates Past Noon Osborne, Mary Pope  
 Piratica Lee, Tanith73
 Piratica II Return to Parrot Island Lee, Tanith101
 Piratica III Lee, Tanith  
 Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire Ibarra, Bowie  
 Plage Ship Norton, Andre  
 Plague Moon Elliott, Nathan  
 Plague of Ice Lain, T. H.101
 Plague of Knives Silke, James101
 Plague of Spells Cordell, Bruce R.  
 Plague Summer Cook, Hugh  
 Plan B Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve85
 Planar Chaos McGough, Scott & Sanders, Timothy  
 Plane Hell Morabito, Paul86
 Planeshift King, J. Robert  
 Planeswalker Abbey, Lynn  
 Planet of Adventure Vance, Jack97
 Planet of Exile Le Guin, Ursula K.11
 Planet of the Apes Boulle, Pierre53
 Planet of the Damned Harrison, Harry  
 Planet of the Warlord Hill, Douglas  
 Planet of Treachery Smith, E.E. 'Doc'  
 Planet of Twilight Hambly, Barbara51
 Planet Plague Whitman, John  
 Planetary: All Over the World and Other Stories Ellis, Warren & Cassaday, John  
 Plateau Marais, Anthony  
 Play Dead Levitt, John  
 Play Dead Brown, Ryan  
 Playing For Keeps Lafferty, Mur  
 Playing For Pizza: A Novel Grisham, John21
 Playing God Zettel, Sarah  
 Playing the Field Janette, Rallison  
 Playing the Jack Brown, Mary101
 Please Don't Eat The Teacher Ciencin, Scott  
 Pleasure's Foehn Boyett-Compo, Charlotte  
 Plots and Misadventures Gallagher, Stephen  
 Ploughman King Giambastiani, Kurt R.A.92
 Ploughman's Son Giambastiani, Kurt R.A.92
 Pmat Rieser, William Alan  
 Pock's World Duncan, Dave  
 Podkayne of Mars Heinlein, Robert A.75
 Podrace to Freedom Singer, A. L.  
 Poems Zelazny, Roger  
 Point Blank Horowitz, anthony910
 Point of Dreams Scott, Melissa & Barnett, Lisa A.91
 Pointblank Sherman, David & Cragg, Dan  
 Poison Wooding, Chris  
 Poison Sleep Pratt, T. A.  
 Poison Study Snyder, Maria V.99
 Polar Bears On The Path baglio, ben  
 Polar Bears past Bedtime Osborne, Mary Pope101
 Polar City Blues Kerr, Katharine  
 Polar City Nightmare Kerr, Katharine  
 Polar Shift Cussler, Clive & Kemprecos, Paul  
 Polaris McDevitt, Jack61
 Polgara the Sorceress Eddings, David & Eddings, Leigh829
 Politician Anthony, Piers91
 Polity Agent Asher, Neal L.  
 Pollen Noon, Jeff82
 Polo's Mother Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds  
 Poltergeist Richardson, Kat  
 Polymorph Westerfeld, Scott  
 Polystom Roberts, Adam  
 Pomegranates Full and Fine Bassingthwaite, Don  
 ponies at the point baglio, ben101
 Pony Farm Mystery Kavanagh, Pamela  
 pony in a package baglio, ben  
 Pony on the Porch baglio, ben93
 pony trek morrell, gill  
 Poo Of The Giant Ostritch Jaques, Tim & , Radcliffe  
 Poof! Rabbits Everywhere! Lerangis, Peter  
 Pooh Milne, A. A.  
 Pool of Radiance Ward, James M. & Hong, Jane Cooper84
 Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor Bebris, Carrie  
 Pools of Darkness Ward, James M. & Brown, Anne K.61
 Poor Jenny, Bright as a Penny Murphy, Shirley Rousseau  
 Pop Goes the Weasel Patterson, James51
 Popes and Phantoms Whitbourn, John  
 Poppy Avi, Avi101
 Port Eternity Cherryh, C.J.92
 Portent Herbert, James91
 Ports of Call Vance, Jack61
 Poseidonis Smith, Clark Ashton  
 Poseidon's Peak Kidd, Rob64
 posh pup dale, jenny  
 Possession Ewing, Lynne911
 Possession Byatt, A. S.  
 Possession Dillard, J.M. & O'Malley, Kathleen  
 Postmortem cornwell, patricia  
 Postsingular Rucker, Rudy  
 Povesti din copilarie Ion, Creanga  
 Power & Light - Volume 2: The Collected Stories of Zelazny, Roger101
 Power and Majesty Roberts, Tansy Rayner  
 Power Hungry Weinstein, Howard  
 Power Lines McCaffrey, Anne & Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann82
 Power of Three Jones, Diana Wynne97
 Power Play Farshtey, Greg91
 Power Play McCaffrey, Anne & Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann82
 Powers Le Guin, Ursula K.  
 Powers of Illusion Sinclair, Sage  
 Powers That Be McCaffrey, Anne & Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann85
 Powersat Bova, Ben  
 Practical Demonkeeping Moore, Christopher61
 Practical Magic Hoffman, Alice101
 Prador Moon: A Novel Of The Polity Asher, Neal L.  
 Pray for Dawn Drake, Jocelynn  
 Prayers in Steel McClung, Michael  
 Prayers to Broken Stones Simmons, Dan  
 Praying Mantis stone, jeff73
 Precious Dragon Williams, Liz  
 Precipice Mack, David  
 Precipice Miller, John Jackson91
 Precursor Cherryh, C.J.94
 Predator's Gold Reeve, Philip  
 Predestined Gray, R. Garland  
 Prelude Lay, James  
 Prelude to Foundation Asimov, Isaac88
 Preludes and Nocturnes Gaiman, Neil85
 premonitions Watson, Jude914
 Prentice Alvin Card, Orson Scott74
 Present Tense Graf, L. A.  
 Present Tense Duncan, Dave94
 Preserver Shatner, William & Reeves-Stevens, Judith and Garfield95
 Pressure Strand, Jeff  
 Presto! Magic Treasure! Lerangis, Peter  
 Pretender Cherryh, C.J.82
 Preternatural Bonanno, Margaret Wander91
 Preternatural 3 Bonanno, Margaret Wander  
 Preternatural Too: Gyre Bonanno, Margaret Wander91
 Pretties Westerfeld, Scott98
 Pretty Little Dead Things McMahon, Gary  
 Prey Perry, Steve91
 Prey Vincent, Rachel  
 Prey: A Novel Crichton, Michael101
 Preying for Keeps Odom, Mel101
 Pride Vincent, Rachel  
 Pride and Prejudice Austen, Jane  
 Pride and Prescience Bebris, Carrie  
 Pride of Lions Llywelyn, Morgan71
 Priestess of Avalon Bradley, Marion Zimmer & Paxon, Diana87
 Priestess of the White Canavan, Trudi75
 Primal Shadows Foster, Alan Dean  
 Primary Inversion Asaro, Catherine101
 Prince Caspian Lewis, C.S.920
 Prince Ivan Morwood, Peter41
 Prince of Ayodhya Banker, Ashok K.910
 Prince of Chaos Zelazny, Roger89
 Prince of Demons Reichert, Mickey Zucker101
 Prince of Dogs Elliot, Kate918
 Prince of Dreams Mckenzie, Nancy  
 Prince of Havoc Stackpole, Michael A.  
 Prince of Lies Lowder, James92
 Prince of Skulls Barker, M. A. R.73
 Prince of Sunset White, Steve81
 Prince of the Blood Feist, Raymond E.815
 Prince of the Godborn Harris, Geraldine  
 Prince of the North Turtledove, Harry  
 Prince of Thorns Lawrence, Mark  
 Prince of Time McReynolds, Glenna92
 Princeps' Fury Butcher, Jim82
 Princes of Sandastre Swithin, Anthony  
 Princess Academy Hale, Shannon96
 Princess Alyss of Wonderland Beddor, Frank81
 Princess and Curdie MacDonald, George101
 Princess at Sea Cook, Dawn92
 Princess Diaries Guide to Life Cabot, Meg  
 Princess in Love Cabot, Meg72
 Princess in Love/ Third Time Lucky Cabot, Meg  
 princess in the spotlight cabot, meg  
 Princess in the Spotlight/ Take Two Cabot, Meg  
 Princess in Waiting Cabot, Meg63
 Princess in Waiting/ Mia Goes Forth Cabot, Meg94
 Princess in Waiting/ Sixational Cabot, Meg101
 Princess Nevermore Regan, Dian Curtis94
 Princess of the Sword Kurland, Lynn  
 Princess of Wands Ringo, John82
 Princess on the brink Cabot, Meg81
 Princess Pigsty Funke, Cornelia  
 Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep Carson Levine, Gail75
 Principles of Angels Fenn, Jaine  
 Prison of Souls Lackey, Mercedes & Shepherd, Mark63
 Prison Planet Dietz, William C.  
 Prisoner of Conscience Matthews, Susan R.  
 Prisoner of Haven Berberick, Nancy Varian  
 Prisoner of the Horned Helm Silke, James101
 Prisoner of the Iron Tower Ash, Sarah92
 Prisoner of the Nikto Pirates Wolverton, Dave11
 Prisoner of Time Cooney, Caroline B.81
 Prisoner's Hope Feintuch, David93
 Private Peaceful Morphurgo, Micheal83
 Privateer Brown, Simon  
 Privateers Bova, Ben71
 Probability Moon Kress, Nancy83
 Probability roach Smith, L. Neil  
 Probability Space Kress, Nancy92
 Probability Sun Kress, Nancy92
 Probe Lerner, Edward M.  
 Procession of the Dead Shan, darren  
 Prodigal Son Dixon, Chuck  
 Profiles of the Future Clarke, Arthur C.82
 Project Pope Simak, Clifford D.51
 Project Princess Cabot, Meg  
 Prom Nights From Hell Meyer, Stephenie74
 Promethea Moore, Alan85
 Promise of Blood McClennan, Brian  
 Promise of the Flame Engdahl, Sylvia  
 Promise of the Witch-King Salvatore, R.A.93
 Promise of the Wolves: A Novel Hearst, Dorothy101
 Promised Land Willis, Connie & Felice, Cynthia82
 Promised Land Dann, Jack21
 Promises Richardson, Nancy91
 Promises Broken Mack, David  
 Proof Positive Lerangis, Peter  
 Prophecy Moore, Vance93
 Prophecy And Change Palmieri, Marco  
 Prophecy: Child of Earth Haydon, Elizabeth929
 Prophet Resnick, Mike  
 Prophets Swann, S. Andrew  
 Prophets of the Darkside Davids, Paul & Davids, Hollace71
 Prospero Burns Abnett, Dan  
 Prosperos Children Siegel, Jan84
 Protector Niven, Larry76
 Protector of the Flight Owens, Robin D.  
 Proteus in the Underworld Sheffield, Charles  
 Proteus Unbound Sheffield, Charles71
 Protonix order Dimitr, Dimitr  
 Protostars Gerrold, David  
 Proud Helios Scott, Melissa  
 Proven Guilty Butcher, Jim84
 Prowlers Golden, Christopher82
 Proxima Baxter, Stephen  
 Prudence Carriger, Gail  
 Psalms of Herod Friesner, Esther91
 Psion Vinge, Joan D.88
 Psychamok Lumley, Brian  
 Psychic Warrior Doherty, Robert62
 Psychlone Bear, Greg91
 Psycho Bloch, Robert  
 Psychohistorical Crisis Kingsbury, Donald91
 Psychomech Lumley, Brian91
 Psychoshop Bester, Alfred & Zelazny, Roger82
 Psychosphere Lumley, Brian51
 Psychotrope Smedman, Lisa  
 Ptolmey's Gate Stroud, Jonathan923
 Public Enemy Number Two Horowitz, Anthony  
 Pump Six and Other Stories Bacigalupi, Paolo82
 Punish The Siners Saul, John  
 Punktown Thomas, Jeffrey95
 pup at the palace baglio, ben  
 puppy express dale, jenny  
 puppy in a puddle baglio, ben  
 puppy party! dale, jenny101
 puppy power dale, jenny92
 puppy puzzle baglio, ben  
 puppy school dale, jenny  
 Puppy Tales Balban, Bob101
 puppys in the pantry baglio, ben82
 Purgatory Resnick, Mike  
 Pursuing Amy Kaye, Marilyn910
 Pursuit Hand, Elizabeth101
 Pushing Ice Reynolds, Alastair82
 Putting Up Roots Sheffield, Charles91
 Pyramid Power Flint, Eric & Freer, Dave  
 Pyramid Scheme Freer, Dave & Flint, Eric93
 Pyramids Pratchett, Terry710
 Pyromancer Callander, Don81

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