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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 The Openers with Tom Peddyn/a2006n/a

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Lenny the Lazy Puppyn/a20052/10

 puppy patrol VolumeYearRating
 murphy's mysteryn/a20058/10
 puppy schooln/a2005n/a
 teachers pet120059/10
 big ben2200510/10
 double trouble420058/10
 star paws520059/10
 tug of love6200510/10
 saving skye72005n/a
 tuff's luck82005n/a
 red alert92005n/a
 the great escape10200510/10
 perfect puppy112005n/a
 sam and delilah1220054/10
 the sea dog1320057/10
 a winters tale15200510/10
 best of friends17200510/10
 king of the castle182005n/a
 posh pup192005n/a
 charlies choice2020057/10
 the puppy project2120059/10
 sherlock's home23200510/10
 forever sam24200510/10
 milly's triumph252005n/a
 snow dog2620056/10
 boomerang bob27200510/10
 willow's world282005n/a
 puppy power3020059/10
 two's company3120056/10
 digger's treasure322005n/a
 homeward bound3320052/10
 puppy express342005n/a
 holly's wish35200510/10
 orphan puppy35200510/10
 barney's rescue362005n/a
 lost and found372005n/a
 top dog382005n/a
 stars and stripes392005n/a
 trick or treat?412005n/a

 puppy patrol speical VolumeYearRating
 jakes progressn/a200510/10
 jingle bellen/a2005n/a
 little starn/a20058/10
 puppy party!1200510/10
 husky hero2200510/10

 puppy tales VolumeYearRating
 twins- bubble &squeak142005n/a
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