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Lois Duncan is the author of forty best-selling books for young people and adults. Her novels have won her high acclaim, and many have been chosen as American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults. Six of her books have been Junior Literary Guild selections, and three have received Parents' Choice awards. She has received five Special Awards from the Mystery Writers of America and is a recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award, sponsered b School Library Journal and the ALA Young Adult Library Services Association.

Among her most popular suspense stories for young people are Daughter of Eve, Dont' Look Begind You, Down a Dark Hall, Killing Mr. Griffin, Locked in Time, Ransom, Stranger with My Face, Summer of Fear, They Never Came Home, The Third Eye, and The Twisted Window. In addition, Lois Duncan is the author of the nonfiction Who Killed My Daughter?, the the true story of her won search for her daughter's murderer, and, with William Roll, Psychic Connections, A Journey into the Mysterious World of Psi.

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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Down a Dark Halln/a19749/10
 The Twisted Windown/a19878/10
 Stranger with my Facen/a19909/10
 They Never Came Homen/a19908/10
 Who Killed My Daughter?n/a19949/10
 Don't Look Behind Youn/a19958/10
 I Know What You Did Last Summern/a19997/10
 Killing Mr. Griffinn/a20039/10
 Locked in Timen/a20038/10
 Summer of Fearn/a20039/10
 A Gift Of Magicn/a20049/10
 Daughters of Even/a20049/10
 The Third Eyen/a20049/10
 on the edge with duncan n/a2006n/a
 Killing Mr.Griffinn/a2008n/a

 there is only one in the series VolumeYearRating
 Gallows Hilln/an/a8/10
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