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Out of Their Minds (Novel)
Series: Novel
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0879977914
Pages: 175 pages
Publisher: Donald A Wollheim
Reader Rating: Not rated
Out of Their Minds by Clifford D. Simak

Description: "I believe that man, with his imagination, with his love of story-telling, with his fear of time and space, of death and dark... has created another world of creatures which share the earth with him... some day they may come out from their concealment and enter upon their heritage..."

As he read his dead friend's notes, Horton Smith wasn't quite ready to accept such a bizarre notion. That was before he hooked a sea monster while fishing in the creek... before the werewolf pack closed in on him in the darkened street... before he was offered a job as - quite literally - the devil's advocate...

Clifford Simak's new novel takes its hero - and its readers - into a nightmare world where goblins and demons hobnob with Dagwood Bumstead and Don Quixote - a world which seems whimsical but presents mankind with a real and terrible menace.

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