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Project Pope (Novel)
Series: Novel
Genre: SF
Reader Rating: 5 out of 10
Votes: 1
Project Pope by Clifford D. Simak

Description: On the Rim planet fittingly called End of Nothing, a bizarre society of robots and humans toiled for a thousand years to perfect a religion that would create a new and all-embracing faith - no novelty in a galaxy crowded with religions.

But one project was hidden from the hordes of pilgrims welcomed at Vatican 17 on End of Nothing. A group of trained human sensitives were sending their minds ranging through all of time and space, gathering all the information that could exist. With that information, a computer of infinite knowledge, wisdom, and infallibility was being constructed in secret - the ultimate Pope.

Also in this series are A Choice of Gods, A Heritage of Stars, All Flesh Is Grass, Cemetery World, City, Cosmic Engineers, Destiny Doll, Enchanted Pilgrim, Highway of Eternity, Mastodonia (UK title Catface), Our Children's Children, Out of Their Minds, Ring Around the Sun: A Story of Tomorrow, Shakespeare's Planet, Special Deliverance, The Fellowship of the Talisman, The Goblin Reservation, The Trouble with Tycho, The Visitors, The Werewolf Principle, They Walked Like Men, Time and Again, Time Is The Simplest Thing, Way Station, Where the Evil Dwells, Why Call Them Back From Heaven? Return to the Clifford D. Simak page.

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