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Fred Saberhagen is the author of several popular science fiction and fantasy series, and his Berserkers have menaced the universe for over 30 years. Fred's Swords and Lost Worlds stories have caught the imagination of many fantasy readers. Less well known, but equally intriguing are Fred's exploits in the area of historical fantasy where figures such as Hitler and Lincoln, Daedalus and the pharaohs, populate his alternate worlds. On the border of history and fantasy Fred has created a unique picture of an old favorite, Dracula.

Before abandoning himself to his fertile, delightful imagination, Fred served in the US Air Force, worked as a civilian electronics technician, and wrote and edited articles on science and technology for the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Sadly, Fred Saberhagen passed away on June 29th, 2007.

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Books (Sort by Title)[44 books listed]
 Berserkers VolumeYearRating
 The Ultimate Enemyn/a1979n/a
 Berserker Furyn/a1998n/a
 Berserkers : The Beginningn/a1998n/a
 Berserker's Starn/a2003n/a
 Rogue Berserkern/a2005n/a

 Book of the Gods VolumeYearRating
 The Face of Apollo1n/a10/10
 Ariadne's Web22001n/a
 The Arms of Hercules32000n/a
 God of the Golden Fleece4n/a6/10
 Gods of Fire and Thunder5n/an/a

 Collaborations VolumeYearRating
 Coils with Roger Zelaznyn/a19828/10
 The Black Throne with Roger Zelaznyn/a19909/10

 Dracula VolumeYearRating
 An Old Friend of the Familyn/a19928/10
 A Sharpness on the Neckn/a19968/10
 Seance for a Vampiren/a19978/10
 The Dracula Tapesn/a19998/10
 The Holmes-Dracula Filen/a2002n/a
 A Coldness in the Bloodn/a200310/10

 Empire of the East VolumeYearRating
 Empire of the Eastn/a200.n/a
 The Broken Lands1n/an/a
 The Black Mountains2n/an/a
 Changeling Earth3n/an/a
 Ardneh's Sword42006n/a

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Machines That Killn/an/a8/10
 Pawn to Infinity with Joan Saberhagenn/a19829/10
 The Golden Peoplen/a1986n/a
 Merlin's Bonesn/a199510/10
 Dancing Bearsn/a19968/10
 Of Berserkers, Swords and Vampiresn/a2009n/a

 Pilgrim VolumeYearRating

 Swords Series VolumeYearRating
 An Armory of Swordsn/a19959/10
 The First Swordsn/a19999/10
 The Last Book of Swords: Shieldbreaker's Storyn/a199910/10
 The First Book of Lost Swords: Woundhealer's Story119957/10
 Second Book of Lost Swords: Sightblinders Story219968/10
 The Third Book of Lost Swords: Stonecutter's Story319958/10
 The Fourth Book of Lost Swords: Farslayer's Story419907/10
 The Fifth Book of Lost Swords: Coinspinner's Story519907/10
 The Six Book of Lost Swords: Mindsword's Story619919/10
 The Seventh Book of Lost Swords: Wayfinder's Story7n/a8/10
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