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Born in 1937, Zelazny became one of the stars of Science Fiction in the 1960's. His short stories and novels combined wit and daring adventures to form characters and situations that one could readily feel much kinship with. Using the mythologies of several peoples, such as the ancient Egyptians, he preferred to think of his writing style as "Science-Fantasy," which seems quite apt. His style was and continues, at least in some circles, to be identified with the New Wave Movement, but that does not do him justice. Authors whom he collaborated with include: Philip K. Dick, Robert Sheckley, Fred Saberhagen, Thomas T. Thomas, Gahan Wilson, Alfred Bester, Jane Linskold, George R. R. Martin, and Gerald Hauseman. Of all his writings, the Amber series of novels is perhaps best known. In a sense, the ten novel cycle displays many of the facets that he possessed. Sadly, he passed away on June 14, 1995, of complications resulting from cancer. He was a unique man, with both vision and grace, whose works stand as testament to the kind of human being he was.

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 Amber VolumeYearRating
 Roger Zelazny's Visual Guide to Castle Amber with Neil Randalln/a19888/10
 The First Chronicles of Ambern/a19998/10
 The Great Book of Ambern/a19998/10
 Nine Princes In Amber119708/10
 The Guns of Avalon219729/10
 Sign of the Unicorn319759/10
 The Hand of Oberon419769/10
 The Courts of Chaos519788/10
 Trumps of Doom619858/10
 Blood of Amber719867/10
 Sign of Chaos819878/10
 Knight of Shadows919899/10
 Prince of Chaos1019918/10

 Bibliographies VolumeYearRating
 Amber Dreams: A Roger Zelazny Bibliography with Daniel J H Levackn/a19836/10
 A Checklist of Roger Zelazny with Christopher P. Stephensn/a19938/10

 Collaborations VolumeYearRating
 Deus Irae with Philip K. Dickn/a19767/10
 Coils with Fred Saberhagenn/a19828/10
 The Black Throne with Fred Saberhagenn/a19909/10
 The Mask of Loki with Thomas T. Thomasn/a19907/10
 Flare with Thomas T. Thomasn/a19928/10
 Forever Aftern/a19958/10
 Donnerjack with Jane Lindskoldn/a19978/10
 Psychoshop with Alfred Bestern/a19988/10
 Lord Demon with Jane Lindskoldn/a19999/10

 Dilvish VolumeYearRating
 The Bells of Shoredann/a1979n/a
 Dilvish, the Damned119829/10
 The Changing Land219817/10

 Edited by Roger Zelazny VolumeYearRating
 Warriors of Blood and Dreamn/a19958/10
 Wheel of Fortunen/a19957/10
 The Williamson Effectn/a19968/10
 Nebula Awards Three319689/10

 Francis Sandow VolumeYearRating
 Isle of the Deadn/a19699/10
 To Die In Italbarn/a19759/10

 Millennial Contest VolumeYearRating
 Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming with Robert Sheckley119948/10
 If at Faust You Don't Succeed with Robert Sheckley219938/10
 A Farce to Be Reckoned With with Robert Sheckley319957/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 The Dream Mastern/a19667/10
 This Immortaln/a19669/10
 Lord of Lightn/a19679/10
 Secretary-Treasurer's Handbookn/a1968n/a
 Creatures of Light and Darknessn/a19699/10
 Damnation Alleyn/a19698/10
 Jack of Shadowsn/a19719/10
 Today We Choose Facesn/a19737/10
 Bridge of Ashesn/a19768/10
 Doorways in the Sandn/a19778/10
 For a Breath I Tarryn/a19809/10
 A Rhapsody in Ambern/a19818/10
 Today We Choose Faces and Bridge of Ashesn/a19818/10
 Eye of Catn/a19827/10
 A Dark Travelingn/a19878/10
 The Doors of his Face, the Lamps of his Mouthn/a19918/10
 A Night in Lonesome Octobern/a19939/10
 The Dead Man's Brothern/a20093/10
 Tor SF Doubles No. 12 with Kate Wilhelm1219899/10
 Tor SF Doubles No. 21 with Samuel R. Delany2119908/10

 Poetry VolumeYearRating
 To Spin is Miracle Catn/a1981n/a
 When Pussywillows Last in the Catyard Bloomed and Other Poemsn/a19815/10
 Hymn to the Sun: an Imitationn/a1996n/a

 Pol Detson VolumeYearRating
 Wizard Worldn/a19899/10

 Short Story Collections VolumeYearRating
 A Rose for Ecclesiastesn/a19678/10
 Four for Tomorrown/a19679/10
 My Name is Legionn/a19769/10
 The Illustrated Roger Zelazny with Byron Priessn/a19789/10
 The Last Defender of Camelotn/a19809/10
 Unicorn Variationsn/a19835/10
 Frost and Firen/a19898/10
 Manna From Heavenn/a2003n/a
 Threshold - Volume 1: The Collected Stories of Rog1200910/10
 Power & Light - Volume 2: The Collected Stories of2200910/10
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