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Nebula Awards Three (Edited by Roger Zelazny)
Series: Edited by Roger Zelazny
Volume: 3
Genre: SF
ISBN: 671754203
Pages: 232 pages
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 1
Nebula Awards Three by Roger Zelazny

Description: A collection of the 1967 Nebula Award winning stories. With an introduction and afterward by editor Roger Zelazny, the contents are as follows:
'The Cloud-Sculptors of Corald' by J. G. Ballard; 'Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes' by Harlan Ellison; 'Mirror of Ice' by Gary Wright; 'Aye, and Gomorrah...' by Fritz Leiber; 'Behold the Man' by Michael Moorcock; and 'Weyr Search' by Anne McCaffery.

Also in this series are The Williamson Effect, Warriors of Blood and Dream, Wheel of Fortune Return to the Roger Zelazny page.

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