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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 the Gifted series with Kaye n/a2011n/a

 Replica VolumeYearRating
 Amy on Her Ownn/a200410/10
 Virtual Amyn/a200410/10
 Amy, Number Seven119988/10
 Pursuing Amy219989/10
 Another Amy319997/10
 Perfect Girls419998/10
 Secret Clique519997/10
 Special Edition: And The Two Shall Meet619998/10
 The Best of the Best719998/10
 Mystery Mother819998/10
 The Fever920009/10
 Ice Cold1020037/10
 Lucky Number Thirteen1120009/10
 Special Edition: In Search of Andy1220007/10
 The Substitute1320007/10
 The Beginning1420008/10
 Happy Birthday, Dear Amy1620018/10
 Missing Pieces17200110/10
 Return of the Perfect Girls1820018/10
 War of the Clones2320018/10
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