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The Beginning (Replica)
Series: Replica
Volume: 14
Genre: Other
ISBN: 0553487159
Publisher: Bantam Books
Price: 4.50
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 2
The Beginning by Marilyn Kaye

Description: And then there were twelve!
Amy is going back to the place where she was born - Washington D.C. It's a class trip to take in the historic sights of the nation's capital. Sure, Amy's uneasy about traveling to the home turf of the people who funded Project Crescent - the reason she's alive - and is in constant fear of being captured. But it's a chance to connect with her roots. After all, what could go wrong?
Well, Amy's mother is a class chaperone, and for her the trip stirs up memories. Memories of working in the top-secret government program to develop clones. Memories of a loved one's battle against a rare genetic disorder.
Memories of betrayal, and a decision that would forever change her life.
And now the trip back to where it all began pits mother and daughter against an enemy both old and new.

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