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Transformation (Replica)
Series: Replica
Volume: 15
Genre: Other
ISBN: 0553487167
Publisher: Bantam Books
Price: 4.50
Reader Rating: 7 out of 10
Votes: 3
Transformation by Marilyn Kaye

Description: What's up with all the disturbing behavior?
Something's wrong with Tasha - she's not herself. At least that's what Amy thinks. And a best friend would know! Tasha's eyes look glazed. Her usual quick comebacks have become dull one-word answers. It's as if Tasha is acting out some part in a horror movie. Only this isn't a movie, it's real.
One by one, Amy notices other personality changes.
The people Amy loves just aren't themselves.
Everyone seems possessed!
And soon... whatever's happening to them may happen to Amy too.

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