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Disaster (Mission Earth Dekalogy)
Series: Mission Earth Dekalogy
Volume: 8
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1592120296
Publisher: Galaxy LLC
Price: 6.99
Reader Rating: 4 out of 10
Votes: 2
Disaster by L. Ron Hubbard

Description: In DISASTER, the New York Mafia is under aerial assault. The United States is about to declare war. The world's oil supply is rumored to be radioactive. And a mountain of ice is plunging from outer space directly toward Earth! Meanwhile, Apparatus assassin Soltan Gris finally meets his just desserts. But can Fleet Combat Engineer Jettero Heller still succeed in his mission to salvage Earth from pollution? Or will arch-villain Delbert John Rockecenter foil the entire plan in his battle to own the planet? Find out in Disaster, another nonstop episode of intergalactic espionage.

Also in this series are Mission Earth: The Invaders Plan, The Invaders Plan, Black Genesis, The Enemy Within, An Alien Affair, Fortune of Fear, Death Quest, Voyage of Vengeance, Villainy Victorious, The Doomed Planet Return to the L. Ron Hubbard page.

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