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The Invaders Plan (Mission Earth Dekalogy)
Series: Mission Earth Dekalogy
Volume: 1
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1592120229
Publisher: Galaxy Press llc
Price: 6.99
Reader Rating: 5 out of 10
Votes: 5
The Invaders Plan by L. Ron Hubbard

Description: Mission Earth begins with the brilliantly complex, self-explanatory, rowdily satirical first-person 'confession' of the jailed Soltan Gris. Gris is a former executive of the forbidding Coordinated Information Apparatus (CIA), of the planet Voltar.

Gris claims that Earth has long been targeted for invasion by the planet Voltar as a supply base on its space route to further galactic conquest. When prodigiously gifted Fleet Combat Engineer Jettero Heller discovers on a scouting mission that Earth is polluting itself so rapidly it may become uninhabitable—hence, unusable—long before the invasion date, Heller is sent on a subsequent mission to covertly slow the process. This jeopardizes the plans of dreaded Apparatus Chief, Lombar Hisst to subvert and overthrow the 110-planet Voltarian Confederacy with drugs he has cached on Earth. He enlists Gris' help to sabotage Heller. At Spiteos, the Apparatus' notorious mountain prison, Heller meets and falls in love with the beautiful wild animal trainer Countess Krak.

Unknown to Heller, secretly implanted devices in Heller's head allow Gris to 'see' and 'hear' through Heller himself. Piloting the spacecraft, 'Tug' and its 'will-be-was' time-drive, Heller departs for Earth with Gris as a passenger. The people of Earth are, of course, unaware of the invasion that clandestinely has already begun.

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