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Write both fantasy and science fiction books. His science fiction books are all set inthe universe of the Empire, which is an amazing mixture of starships, swords, lasers,and psionics. The fantasy novels are set in a world of magic, swords, and demons.

Obtained an M.A. in Modern English and American Literature from Leicester University.

This author has been recommended by 54 other readers.

Books (Sort by Title)[60 books listed]
 An Ishmael Jones Mystery VolumeYearRating
 Dead Man Walkingn/a2016n/a

 Deathstalker VolumeYearRating
 Deathstalker Preluden/a199810/10
 Deathstalker Rebellion219969/10
 Deathstalker War319979/10
 Twilight of the Empire4199710/10
 Deathstalker Honour519989/10
 Deathstalker Destiny619989/10
 Deathstalker Legacy720029/10
 Deathstalker Return820048/10
 Deathstalker Coda920059/10

 Eddie Drood VolumeYearRating
 The Man With the Golden Torc120079/10
 Daemons Are Forever220088/10
 The Spy Who Haunted Me320089/10
 From Hell With Love420108/10
 For Heaven's Eyes Only520117/10
 Live and Let Drood62012n/a
 Casino Infernale82013n/a

 Ghost Finders VolumeYearRating
 Ghost of a Chancen/a2010n/a
 Ghost of a Smilen/a2011n/a

 Gollancz SF VolumeYearRating
 Down Among the Dead Menn/a19949/10

 Hawk and Fisher VolumeYearRating
 Hawk and Fisher1n/a7/10
 Winner Takes All219918/10
 The God Killer319918/10
 Wolf in the Fold4n/a8/10
 Guard Against Dishonour519918/10
 No Haven for the Guilty6n/a9/10
 Devil Take the Hindmost7n/a9/10
 Vengeance for A Lonely Man8n/a7/10

 Hawk and Fisher Omnibus VolumeYearRating
 Guards of Havenn/a19999/10
 Swords of Havenn/a19998/10
 Haven of Lost Souls1199910/10
 Fear and Loathing in Haven2200010/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Robin Hood : Prince of Thievesn/an/a8/10
 Blood and Honourn/an/a8/10
 Blue Moon Risingn/an/a9/10
 Blood and Honorn/a19938/10
 Beyond the Blue Moonn/a20008/10
 Drinking Midnight Winen/a20019/10
 Shadows Falln/a20058/10
 Mean Streets with Jim Butchern/a20098/10

 Nightside VolumeYearRating
 Agents of Light and Darkness120039/10
 Something from the Nightside220039/10
 Nightingale's Lament3n/a9/10
 Hex and the City420058/10
 Paths Not Taken520058/10
 Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth620067/10
 Hell to Pay720078/10
 The Unnatural Inquirer820088/10
 Just Another Judgement Day920098/10
 The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny102010n/a
 A Hard Day's Knight112011n/a
 The Bride Wore Black Leather1220128/10

 Nightside Omnibus VolumeYearRating
 Into the Nightside12008n/a
 Haunting the Nightside22008n/a
 The Dark Heart of the Nightside102008n/a

 Secret Histories VolumeYearRating
 DR. DOAn/a2016n/a

 Twilight of the Empire VolumeYearRating
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