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I am a multi-published speculative fiction author of over 32 novels. I write in the genres of horror, paranormal, sword & sorcery, thriller/mystery, sf/futuristic, dark romance and dark fantasy.

I was profiled in Writer's Digest's Publishing Success Magazine and won Inscription Magazine's 2000 Engraver Award as Favorite E-Author of the Year. I was a finalist in the Sime~Gen's Reviewer's Choice awards for Favorite Vampire Author of 2001 and my novel, DARKWIND, finaled for Favorite Vampire Novel. (My work is in e-book as well as paperback--thirteen trade paperbacks available online at such stores as Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Borders and Books-A-Million--and I have 13 novels contracted for audio release). I recently signed contracts with Kripgans Books for the translation of eleven of my novels into the German language for release in Europe, Canada and the United States.

I am also a senior editor at Sharpwriter.com and do several monthly columns for websites such as All About Murder, Romance Foretold, and Writer's Exchange. If you are unfamiliar with my novels, please drop by my website at . There are synopses, excerpts and over 100 reviews of my novels plus interviews and articles I have done.

I am currently doing a year-long serialization of my new paranormal romance novel, BlackWind, in monthly installments at my publisher's (

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