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THE WINDWEEPER (The WindLegends Saga)
Series: The WindLegends Saga
Volume: 3
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1586978322
Pages: 360 pages
Publisher: RFI West
Price: 15.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
THE WINDWEEPER by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Description: 'Till Death Do Us Part :

Conar McGregor: Disinherited Prince of Serenia; Lost Soul. From the shores of Oceania to the castle at Boreas, Conar and his lady-wife triumph over The Brotherhood, only to have their world shattered by a destiny written long ago and a King afraid of the truth. A Prince without a crown, a man without a legacy, Conar must face a fate worse than death .

Liza: A Princess without a Prince, whose heart grieves for the pain suffered by her husband; whose belief in justice is spared no lashing at the hands of the Brotherhood and whose soul will die as her love is lost beyond her reach .

Kaileel Tohre: High Priest of the Brotherhood of the Domination. Tohre’s madness rages as Conar spurns his love for the last time. Tohre feeds his perversity as he begins to topple a kingdom .

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