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THE WINDREAPER (The WindLegends Saga)
Series: The WindLegends Saga
Volume: 5
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 158697226X
Pages: 375 pages
Publisher: RFI West
Price: 15.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
THE WINDREAPER by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Description: A Destiny Unfolds:

The Darkwind: An enemy of the Temple, a champion of the people, his exploits imitated by the children of the land. Only those closest to him know of his dark secret and his even darker sins. A furtive plea for his aide sets into motion the deepest hurt a man can endure. Will he rise above it or be swallowed whole?

Legion A’Lex: A king without power, a puppet to Tohre’s debauchery. Reduced to babysitter, referee, and lackey, he refuses to believe in hope or deliverance, even when he’s forced to call on the only man capable of rescuing his son, never realizing he’s unleashed a passion too large to tame.

Amber-Lea: Vixen or Savior? Paramour or Queen? Will her love be enough to save Conar McGregor from himself and the bowels of the abyss he craves or do her intentions go deeper than that?

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