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THE WINDKEEPER (The WindLegends Saga)
Series: The WindLegends Saga
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1586978349
Pages: 382 pages
Publisher: RFI West
Price: 15.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
THE WINDKEEPER by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Description: A Triangle of Love:

Conar McGregor: Prince of the Wind. Obsessed with a woman he can't have, repulsed by a bride he doesn't want, and trying desperately to escape a mad sorcerer's perverted lust, Conar McGregor is a man running from desires he can't handle. Only the joining of the three will bring him the peace he seeks.

Liza: The Keeper of the Wind. A sorceress in her own right, her secret is the only thing that will save the heart and soul of Conar McGregor, but is her power strong enough to keep the evil of one man from destroying the goodness of the other?

Kaileel Tohre: Cardinal of the Domination. Tormented by the need to own McGregor body and soul, his vengeance knows no bounds when the young prince' s heart is captured by a woman of mystery. Seeking a way to regain his love, the evil within him will stop at nothing to make Conar his own even if it means stealing his soul.

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