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Series: Misc
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1928973290
Pages: 477 pages
Publisher: DLSIJ Press
Price: 4.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
THE PRINCE OF THE WIND by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Description: An Insane Woman's Obsession:

Riain Cree, handsome young prince of Chale, has caught the eye of Suzanna de Viennes, a woman old enough to be his mother. Despite her every effort, he will never return the wild affections of the witch.

Suzanna vows to let nothing come between her and the man she has staked claim to as her own. With the help of the demon Raphian, the Destroyer of Men's Souls, she intends to bring Riain to her and keep him there forever even if it means taking his life in the bargain.

Maeve, a mysterious sorceress who has fallen deeply in love with the young prince, has saved Riain's life many times over. Will she be able to keep him out of Suzanna's clutches or will she lose him to the dark forces of the Abyss?

An intriguing tale of obsession, lust, and love striving to break free of an evil intent on crushing it.
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