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Pleasure's Foehn (WindVerse Series...)
Series: WindVerse Series...
Volume: 1
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1419901796
Pages: 193 pages
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Price: $13.98
Reader Rating: Not rated
Pleasure's Foehn by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Description: Windverse series...bk#1.


On the day Davan Shanahan was assigned as doctor to the military pleasure ship, she was having a bad hair day, which was actually an understatement. Her hair looked as though she'd placed her hand on an antique generator. Every dark auburn hair on her head was standing on end.

When Cair Ghrian et Davan, he was coming off one major drunkfest. Known fae and wide as The Black Sun, the Scthelord of Amhantar was a Prince of the Royal House, an infamous Deathwielder and a force to be reckoned with … especially when riled. Hating his assignment as the Captain of what everyone in the universe called a Flying Cathouse, Cair's first words to Davan were, "By the Goddess, couldn't you even be bothered to comb that frizzy mess before reporting to me?"

Right from the start, Davan and Cair pushed each other's buttons. She loathed his arrogance and dominating personality. He looked upon her as a nuisance and happily joined the rest of the crew in playing tricks on the new doctor. Thrown together, they would rub each other the wrong way until the rubbing got hot, steamy and incredibly intense...

Pub. Date: August, 2005
Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
* MS Reader … ISBN: 1-4199-0179-6
(No other ISBN #'s assigned).
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