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In the sixth grade, Tamora Pierce was encouraged by her father to start writing and she immediately got hooked. Once she discovered fantasy and science fiction, she tried to write the same kind of stories she read, only with teenaged girl heroines.

Before her junior year at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied psychology, Pierce rediscovered writing when she wrote her first original short story since tenth grade. She sold her first story a year later and then enrolled in a fiction writing course during her senior year. When her teacher suggested that she tackle a novel, her childhood ideas came back to her and she began her first sword and sorcery novel.

Pierce then worked as a housemother in an Idaho group home for teenaged girls, who loved hearing Alanna's story from the in-progress quartet, Song of the Lioness. As Pierce continued to write and send out manuscripts, she moved to Manhattan to get her publishing career off the ground.

Pierce still lives in Manhattan with her husband, (spouse-creature) writer/filmmaker Tim, and their three cats, two parakeets, plus a floating population of rescued wildlife. She enjoys her hectic life as a full-time writer and she hopes that her books leave her readers with the feeling that they can achieve anything if they want it badly enough.

Tamora Pierce is a popular author of fantasy books for teenagers. In her latest quartet, Protector of the Small, readers follow heroine Keladry as she rigorously trains for knighthood.

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Books (Sort by Title)[31 books listed]
 Circle of Magic VolumeYearRating
 Sandry's Book (Magic in the Weaving)119979/10
 Tris's Book (Power in the Storm)219989/10
 Daja's Book (Fire in the Forging)319989/10
 Briar's Book (Healing in the Vine)419999/10

 Daughter of the Lioness VolumeYearRating
 Trickster's Choice120039/10
 Trickster's Queen220049/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Numair:The Early Yearsn/a20099/10
 untitled (Tortall book)n/a20108/10

 Protector of the Small VolumeYearRating
 First Test120009/10
 Lady Knight420028/10

 The Circle Continues VolumeYearRating
 The Will of the Empress120059/10
 Melting Stones220068/10
 untitled (about Tris)32007n/a
 untitled (about Briar)4200910/10

 The Circle Opens VolumeYearRating
 Magic Steps120009/10
 Street Magic220019/10
 Cold Fire320029/10

 The Immortals VolumeYearRating
 Wild Magic119929/10
 Emperor Mage319959/10
 The Realm of the Gods419969/10

 The Provost's Dog VolumeYearRating

 The Song of the Lioness Quartet VolumeYearRating
 Alanna: The First Adventure119838/10
 In the Hand of the Goddess219848/10
 The Woman Who Rides Like A Man319868/10
 Lioness Rampant419888/10
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