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Street Magic (The Circle Opens)
Series: The Circle Opens
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0590396285
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Price: 16.95
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 50
Street Magic by Tamora Pierce

Description: (All above info for h/c.)
It's Been four years since Briar Moss began his training as a plant mage, but he still hasn't put his past behind him. Wandering through a Chammuri market, Briar comes across a street girl using powerful magic to polish stones for a merchant. The ragged girl reminds Briar of the life he led before he left for Winding Circle. He resolves to find her a teacher. But Briar understands the city's gangs as well as he understands Evvy, the young mage. When gang warfare breaks out in Chammur, Briar has sympathy for those caught in the crossfire-and he even helps to heal them. Then he discovers that the fiercest gang is seeking a stone mage to lead them to hidden gems. This gang is trying to recruit Evvy. Briar once believen gangs offered protection,but now he and his magic may offer the only protection Evvy can count on. As Briar is swept up in a bloody conflict, he must decide whether he's ready to become a teache as well as a student-and whether he's ready to make the final step away from his former life as a "street rat".

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