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Louis Poessel retired after over twenty years in the agricultural seed industry. He lives with his long time wife and three Persian Cats in the seaside community of Palacios, Texas. A native of Texas, he is a graduate of Tidehaven High School, Wharton County Junior College and Sam Houston State University.

His unique blend of Science Fiction combined with snippets from his personal experiences take the reader into a world of fantasy, yet possible scenario. Possessing a broad background in the agric-business industry, he often uses it as a backdrop for his vivid imagination.

Readers will be carried into a world where anything can and usually does happen. His first attempt at writing gives the reader a vivid account of a Research Professor that has broken the bonds of reality and entered the world of dreams. Follow the Professor from his safe and protected College Research Laboratory to a secret government base where new technology truly becomes a nightmare for those who transverse into "Dreams-The Gateway".

His imagination once again takes the reader to a world filled with shadows as "Shadow People-Spectators or Participants" prove that all is not as it seems. These shadowy creatures invade man's world with a secret agenda.

The sequel to "Dreams-The Gateway" will soon be released for publication. In "Dreams-The Return" the technology developed for dream transversion proves once again that manipulation of the rules of nature comes with a price.

The author can be contacted at [email protected] through his homepage www.shadowpeoplebooks.com

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 Dreams - The Returnn/a2004n/a
 Shadow People - Spectators or Participantsn/a2004n/a
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