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Shadow People - Spectators or Participants (Science Fiction)
Series: Science Fiction
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1413754430
Publisher: Publish America
Reader Rating: Not rated
Shadow People - Spectators or Participants by Louis Poessel

Description: Shadow People-Spectators or Participants? has also been accepted by Publish America for publication. It is currently going through the final edit and may be released as soon as late winter. Who among us has not experienced the movement of shadowy figures in an empty room? Or perhaps felt the brush of a stranger when alone. Maybe you have sensed the rustle of movement and no one was near. Who are these wispy creatures who inhabit the world of dreams? They are only seen for an instant, but seem to invade the world of reality. Glimpses of these strange figures are seen at the edge of normal vision…what purposes do they serve? What is their agenda? Are they friend or foe? Are Shadow People-Spectators or Participants?

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