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Dreams - The Gateway (Science Fiction)
Series: Science Fiction
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1413734529
Publisher: Publish America
Price: $11.95
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 19
Dreams - The Gateway by Louis Poessel

Description: A unique blend of Science Fiction and reality. The reader is carried into a world where anything can and does happen.
Dreams-The Gateway What are dreams? Does everyone dream? Are dreams the portal to alter dimensions? Do dreams contain a secret gateway that may lead man to another dimension? Can dreams be used as the ultimate weapon? Dreams-The Gateway is the first book in a three part dream series. The story, a new twist for science fiction fans, deals with all of these possibilities. Follow the research professor who is taken from his safe and secure college laboratory to a secret military base. His discovery is drafted by the government and may be used to help fight global terrorism. New technology truly becomes a nightmare for those who transverse into Dreams-The Gateway. A paranormal thriller, this book can be ordered online now! Work has begun on the second novel of the series entitled Dreams-The Return. The final book of the trilogy entitled Dreams-The Future will deal with the legacy of dream transversion.

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