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A Stone's Throw (Murder Mystery)
Series: Murder Mystery
Genre: Other
Reader Rating: Not rated
A Stone's Throw by Louis Poessel

Description: Other works in progress include a murder mystery entitled A Stone’s Throw. This is the first attempt by Louis to write a full length work of fiction outside of the science fiction genre. Based on a true story, a Texas employee injured on the job soon faces the wrath of his employer. After his release from the hospital he is terminated and then loses his medical benefits. His former Texas employer chose not to carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance and accepts no responsibility. The injured employee soon finds that ‘the good old boy’ system is ‘alive and well’ in Texas as his attorney accepts a payoff from the former employer. Follow the employee and his family as they face crisis after crisis. Completely disabled the patient soon learns that he can trust no one. Readers will be carried along with the characters on an suspense filled journey. This epic fight of good against evil ends with a surprise that can not be expected. A must read for anyone who believes that bad things don’t happen to good people!
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