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Author of the classic Narnia fantasy series, and sci-fi/fantasy trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet/Perelandra/That Hideous Strength). Some short stories (The Dark Tower) and adult fantasy (The Great Divorce and Till We Have Faces). Born 1898 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, died 1963 (the day JFK died) at his home in Oxford. One of the most brilliant minds of his generation, taking a rare triple first at Oxford University and being rewarded with a professorship in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature at Cambridge in 1953. Best friends with JRR Tolkien, and many other authors including Charles Williams, E. R. Eddison, and Roger Lancelyn Green. (This literary group was called 'the Inklings' and has been biographised by Humphrey Carpenter.) Married American divorcee Joy Davidman late in life, subject of tragedy-romance film 'Shadowlands'. His brief autobiography is told in 'Surprised by Joy', the official bio is 'C. S. Lewis' by R. L. Green and Walter Hooper, the best friend's bio is 'Jack' by George Sayer (Jack was his nickname). The most hostile and inaccurate bio is A. N. Wilson's.

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