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City of Sorcery (Darkover)
Series: Darkover
Volume: 11
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 009944870X
Pages: 423 pages
Publisher: LEGEND
Price: $17.95
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 3
City of Sorcery by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Description: The planet Darkover was originally a human colony that lost contact with Earth. The colonists crossbred with Aliens, already on the planet, which their children inhereted the ability of 'Laran'. Those with strong ability are marked by having red hair. The ability can be amplified by using Matrix stones, which are blue jewells. Once the Terran Empire rediscover Darkover it becomes important as a stopover point for Terran Starships travelling the Empire. An epic series that covers the discovery of Darkover, by the colonists, to the destruction by the Terran Empire.

Also in this series are Heritage and Exile, The Ages of Chaos, The Forbidden Circle, The Saga of the Renunciates, Darkover Landfall, Stormqueen, Hawkmistress, Two To Conquer, The Heirs of Hammerfell, The Shattered Chain, The Spell Sword, The Forbidden Tower, Thendara House, The Winds of Darkover, The Bloody Sun, The Heritage of Hastur, Sharra's Exile, The World Wreckers, Exile's Song, The Shadow Matrix, Traitor's Sun Return to the Marion Zimmer Bradley page.

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