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The Ages of Chaos (Darkover)
Series: Darkover
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0756400724
Publisher: Daw Books
Price: $7.99
Reader Rating: 6 out of 10
Votes: 5
The Ages of Chaos by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Description: The second of the new omnibus editions of the Darkover novels!


During the lawless Ages of Chaos, when the Comyn families of the seven Domains of Darkover ruthlessly inbred their laran-gifted offspring to gain powerful and fearsome talents, a baby was born to the Lord of Aldaran, high in the mountainous Hellers. This child, born on a dark and thunder-filled night, ending her mother's life with the beginning of her own, was possessed of a terrifying and uncontrolled talent. For Dorilys Aldaran, heiress to her father's domain, could unwittingly call forth lightning and bring devastating storms to the land while still just a fretful child. Concerned for his daughter's life and the safety of his domain, Lord Aldaran sent to a tower for help. But even the powers of a trained monitor and a Hastur lord with frightening abilities of his own might not be enough to save this painfully afflicted and deadly young woman.


Romilly MacAran, was an independent tomboy from a noble Darkovan family, but women on Darkover were not allowed the freedom of choice. Forced to conform to the social demands of her society was bad enough, but when Romilly's father arranged her marriage to a nobleman she found utterly repulsive, she rebelled. Disguising herself as a boy, she fled her into the deep forests of her homeland. Living off the land was not nearly as difficult for Romilly as for most people, for she possessed the rare and highly treasured MacAran gift—telepathic communication with hawk and horse. But Romilly soon discovered her newfound freedom was far from complete. Pulled into the maelstrom of a civil war, could Romilly find her true role in life without sacrificing her ideals?

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