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Series: Repairman Jack
Genre: Other
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 1
Hosts by F. Paul Wilson

Description: After having to shoot his way out of a subway massacre, he’s a wanted man: by the people, who want to thank him; by the police, who have issues with the way he handled the situation; and by an overly ambitious reporter, who wants to exploit him.

Amid all this dodging and weaving Jack somehow must protect his sister Jeanette who’s in greater danger than she realizes, because unforeseen side effects of an experimental clinical trial that miraculously destroyed her cancer. This
therapy may threaten not only those nearest her, but the rest of the world.

Also in this series are All the Rage, Conspiracies, Legacies, The Haunted Air, The Tomb Return to the F. Paul Wilson page.

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