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Passage to Dawn (Forgotten Realms)
Series: Forgotten Realms
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0786907509
Pages: 347 pages
Publisher: Tsr Hobbies
Price: 6.99
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 10
Passage to Dawn by R.A. Salvatore

Description: Catti-brie and I vowed that we would return to Mithral Hall one day, and so we would, for Bruenor was there, and Regis. But Catti-brie had seen the truth. You can never get the smell of blood out of the stones. If you were there when that blood was spilled, the continuing aroma evokes images too painful to live beside.—Drizzt Do’Urden

A deluxe new hardcover edition of The New York Times best-selling classic.

Drizzt and Catti-brie have been away from Mithral Hall for six long years, but the pain of a lost companion still weighs heavily on their strong shoulders.

Chasing pirates aboard Captain Deudermont’s Sea Sprite is enough to draw their attention away from their grief. Then a mysterious castaway on an uncharted island sends them back to the very source of their pain, and into the clutches of a demon with vengeance on his mind.

But the demon Errtu isn’t the only one who longs for revenge. Drizzt wants justice, but may get more than he ever dreamed instead. First he’ll have to face Errtu and his demonic hordes, while staring into the burning depths of the endless Abyss, and doing everything in his power not to trade the life of one friend for the soul of another.

Millions of readers have already discovered the magic of R.A. Salvatore’s Forgotten Realms novels. This deluxe new series puts the saga of the dark elf renegade in its proper chronological order, and reintroduces a generation to the Legend of Drizzt.

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