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Acorna's People (The Acorna Series)
Series: The Acorna Series
Volume: 3
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0552546593
Publisher: Harpercollins
Price: 5.99
Reader Rating: 5 out of 10
Votes: 7
Acorna's People by Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Anne Scarborough

Description: Acorna's quest has paid off. With the help of her "uncles" and the thousands of humans who love and admire her, she has found her true people at last.
And they have found her Khornya, daughter of the illustrious Feriila and the valiant Vaanye, who was given up for lost after the insect-like Khleevi destroyed their home planet.
Abandoned in space as a baby, rescued and raised by gruff human asteroid miners, Acorna is at last among her own. The beautiful healing horn in the center of her forehead and the "funny" feet and hands that once set her apart now make her one with the telepathic Linyaari who live on as lush agrarian planet where they pursue their peaceful dreams.
Acorna's people welcome her with a lavish costume ball and an already-chosen mate! But Acorna still has much to do before she can enjoy the peaceful home she is offered. The legendary resting place of the lost Linyaari ancestors has yet to be found. With the help of the rogue spacetrader Becker and his cat, RK (RoadKill), Acorna must strive to right an unspeakable wrong and defeat an enemy even more cruel than the Khleevi themselves.
In the search, Acorna and her new friends rescue another survivor, also given up for lost. Most importantly, though, Acorna at last uncovers the Universe's most carefully guarded secret: the true nature of the ancient link between the hoofed, telepathic Linyaari and the space-faring humans she has come to think of as her "people" as well.

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