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Goodkind studied drawing at the Omaha School of Fine Arts before going into his father's mail-order business for a number of years. In 1983 he moved deep into the forests of New England and began to build his own house by hand.

Before turning to fiction in his 40s, Terry Goodkind used his rich imagination and love of nature in an array of careers. He has been a carpenter, a violin maker, a hypnotherapist, and a wildlife artist. He has also restored rare artifacts, including Native American birch-bark canoes and African fertility masks.

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 Blood of the Fold319978/10
 Debt of Bonesn/a20018/10
 Faith of the Fallen620008/10
 Naked Empire820049/10
 Stone of Tears219968/10
 Temple of the Winds419988/10
 The Omen Machinen/a2011n/a
 The Pillars of Creation720018/10
 The Soul of the Fire520007/10
 Wizard's First Rule119958/10
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