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Faith of the Fallen (The Sword of Truth)
Series: The Sword of Truth
Volume: 6
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0312867867
Pages: 512 pages
Publisher: Tor Books
Price: 27.95
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 50
Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind

Description: The latest volume in "The Sword of Truth" series sees Richard Rahl, Seeker of Truth, suddenly turn his back on the fight, leaving the people of the New World to fend for themselves. Without Richard, there may be nothing for the people except oppression under the Imperial Order of Jagang the Just.

Also in this series are Wizard's First Rule, Stone of Tears, Blood of the Fold, Temple of the Winds, The Soul of the Fire, The Pillars of Creation, Naked Empire, Chainfire, Phantom, Confessor Return to the Terry Goodkind page.

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