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Steve Miller was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950. Graduated high school in 1968, attended University of Maryland Baltimore County a couple times, where he was news editor of the campus newspaper, The Retriever , active in the chess club and founding president of the Infinity Circle, the school's first science fiction club. In between bouts of being a student, he was curator of the Albin O. Kuhn Library's science fiction collection.

In no particular order he has been a reviewer -- of music, of books and of typewriters -- a reporter, an editor, a professional chess tournament director, a librarian, an editor, a sysop, an editor and a resource specialist for a statewide electronic bulletin board system.

He and Sharon Lee married in 1980, operated The Dreams Garth Art Agency for several years, and later migrated to -- and are still living in -- Maine, with four cats, more computer equipment than two normal people need, a lot of books and almost as much music.

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Books (Sort by Title)[22 books listed]
 Beneath Strange Skies VolumeYearRating
 Sword of Orion with Sharon Leen/a2005n/a

 Liaden Universe VolumeYearRating
 Two Tales of Korval with Sharon Leen/a1995n/a
 Partners in Necessity with Sharon Leen/a20008/10
 Pilot's Choice with Sharon Leen/a20019/10
 Agent of Change with Sharon Leen/a20029/10
 Local Custom with Sharon Leen/a200210/10
 Scout's Progress with Sharon Leen/a20029/10
 Balance of Trade with Sharon Leen/a2004n/a
 Liaden Universe ® Companion (Volume One) with Sharon Leen/a2005n/a
 Conflict of Honors with Sharon Lee119888/10
 Carpe Diem with Sharon Lee320038/10
 Plan B with Sharon Lee620028/10
 I Dare with Sharon Lee720029/10
 Quiet Knives with Sharon Lee92003n/a
 With Stars Underfoot with Sharon Lee102004n/a
 Necessary Evils with Sharon Lee112005n/a

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Tomorrow Log with Sharon Leen/a20035/10
 Web Of The Trident with Sharon Leen/a2007n/a
 Duainfey with Sharon Leen/a2008n/a

 Short Stories Collection VolumeYearRating
 Low Port with Sharon Leen/a2003n/a

 The Great Migration Duology VolumeYearRating
 Crystal Soldier with Sharon Lee1200510/10
 Crystal Dragon with Sharon Lee22006n/a
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