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Rachel Caine has been writing and publishing novels and short stories since 1991. She is a former professional musician who has the distinction of having played with such musical legends as Henry Mancini, Peter Nero and John Williams ... she's also an avid movie buff, a TV-holic, and prefers a good stout Guiness to wimpy American beers.

In addition to a fearsome writing schedule, she maintains a full-time job as a Director of Corporate Communications for a large multinational company.

She's currently hard at work rewriting the fifth Wardens novel, which will be released in 2006 -- and finishing the sequel to Devil's Bargin -- Devil's Due.

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 Outcast Season VolumeYearRating

 Silhouette Bombshell VolumeYearRating
 Devil's Duen/a2006n/a
 Devil's Bargain52005n/a

 The Morganville Vampires VolumeYearRating
 Black Dawnn/a2012n/a
 Last Breathn/a2012n/a
 Glass Houses120068/10
 The Dead Girls' Dance22007n/a
 Midnight Alley32008n/a
 Feast of Fools42008n/a
 Lord of Misrule52009n/a
 Carpe Corpus62009n/a
 Fade Out72009n/a

 Weather Warden VolumeYearRating
 Ill Wind120038/10
 Heat Stroke220049/10
 Chill Factor320058/10
 Thin Air62007n/a
 Gale Force72008n/a
 Cape Storm82009n/a
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