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Pauline Griffin's Irish love of story telling coupled with her passion for history, the natural world, and research have resulted in fourteen novels and nine short stories, two Muse Medallion Award winners among them, all in the challenging realms of science fiction and fantasy.
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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Star Commandos 02 Colony in Peril220058/10
 Star Commandos: Death Planet419897/10

 Star Commandos VolumeYearRating
 Star Commandos119867/10
 Return to War619907/10
 Fire Planet719907/10
 Jungle Assault819918/10
 Call to arms9199110/10
 Watchdogs of Space102003n/a
 War Prince122004n/a

 Star Commandos, No. 3 VolumeYearRating
 Mission Underground320069/10

 Star Commandos, Number 5 VolumeYearRating
 Mind Slaver519907/10
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