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Jungle Assault (Star Commandos)
Series: Star Commandos
Volume: 8
Genre: SF
ISBN: 044178335X
Publisher: Ace Books
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 1
Jungle Assault by P. M. Griffin

Description: A mission that had to be a quick-in/quick-out repossesion of an arms carried off by pirates turns to grief when the nature decides to play a part in the whole bussiness. Sogan's telepathic link to animals is of little help in this world of horrors, and the succes of the mission depends solely on his willingness to take the most ruthless and self-destroying decision.

Also in this series are Star Commandos, Return to War, Fire Planet, Call to arms, Watchdogs of Space, Pariah, War Prince Return to the P. M. Griffin page.

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