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War Prince (Star Commandos)
Series: Star Commandos
Volume: 12
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1595070192
Pages: 360 pages
Publisher: Archebooks Publishing
Reader Rating: Not rated
War Prince by P. M. Griffin

Description: This richly satisfying conclusion to Star Commandos is bittersweet - ending as it were an engaging series of adventures with down-to-earth characters who hold the reader's attention and heart. Pitted against the threat of piracy and a shaky alliance between the Empire and Federation, the commandos meet the challenges head-on in both their professional and personal lives. The War-Prince in exile lives up to his honorable name and finds peace within a tight circle of friends, bringing opposing forces together with hope for the future.

Also in this series are Star Commandos, Return to War, Fire Planet, Jungle Assault, Call to arms, Watchdogs of Space, Pariah Return to the P. M. Griffin page.

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